Is My TRT to Blame

Since starting trt 3 years ago here is what I deal with today. High blood pressure, moody, irratiable, hyper high sex drive, depressed days, low self esteem, and anger. I am married and have three 11-15 year old children. My wife works full time and I work with my father. So we have high stressors in our life. I have always had a short temper. But since the trt these things have steadily got worst and have become more and more frequent. Is this from the trt? Or have others on trt notice the same thing? My uncle was on trt and quit. My aunt said he turned into a mean SOB. Any info appreciated. Thank you.

I do .3 bi weekly of 200mg/ml. I am suppose to do a weekly injection of .75ml. But I have become such a monster my wife is sick of it. So I am trying everything. My last E2 were normal 3 months ago.

What is normal E2? E2=22pg/ml is a good target.

I had E2=37pg/ml [normal!] on TRT and I was a short tempered monster. When I got near E2=22pg/ml hardly nothing could get me upset. Used to get freaked out by noise [and kids] too.

Whats going on with clomid and labs?

Thyroid function OK?

Estradiol 17B 10 - 60 pg/mL 15
Testosterone 220 - 1000 ng/dL 268
Testosterone Free % 0.5 - 3.2 % 2.5
Testosterone Free 40 - 240 pg/mL 67.4
LH 1.0 - 7.0 mU/mL <0.1 L
TSH 0.400 - 5.500 uU/mL 1.600
Free T4 0.7 - 1.8 ng/dL 1.4
Testosterone 220 - 1000 ng/dL 594
Testosterone Free % 0.5 - 3.2 % 3.5 H

There is a big difference in free T for 1 month.
Testosterone Free 40 - 240 pg/mL 209.5

So the differences in TT and FT are a result of what?

Would be interesting to know what E2 was 12/12/2014

How did you feel 12/12/2014 ?

I know for a fact that the date they did take my E2 was at my request. I was emotional and a cry baby. I had bloods today. All they did was T,Free T, and TSH. My wife is saying I am bipolar. But a psychologist gave me a personality test and said I am not. He believes it has a lot to do with trt, relationship, and life stress.