Is My TRT Going in the Right Direction?

I was tested for low T and my results were 232. The doctor put my on Testosterone Cypionate 200mg/1ml once every 2 weeks. Blood work was retested 6 weeks in on day 42 prior to my shot and my T was at 112. The doctor kept the dosage the same, but told me to cut it in half and take .5ml per week and evaluate it in 3 months. He said my body metabolizes the Testosterone quicker than normal.
I would think the dosage would be increased if I am metabolizing it quickly. Also I am on no other medication with the testosterone which I see a lot of other people are.

Most men inject two or more time per week, large infrequent injections can cause estrogen spikes and controlling estrogen can be a challenge. Infrequent dosing cause highs and lows, levels are higher 2 days after injections and is lower by day 6. Your doctor is inept to be able to successfully guide your TRT protocol because he doesn’t specialize in TRT.

A doctor that is willing to adapt and learn is a good thing.

A clinical study came out in 2005, over 12 years ago and the only doctors that know about it specialize in TRT. This study hints at how outdated the guidelines are that your doctor is following. You put almost any man on 200mg every 2 weeks and most of them with have low testosterone at the end of 2 weeks.

I know you more than likely don’t have it tested, but what are your SHBG levels. SHBG influences free testosterone and free estrogen, your total testosterone isn’t bioavailable therefore free testosterone is more important.

My SHBG is lower (22) and do much better injecting 18-20mg EOD since I also hyper metabolize testosterone, if my levels fluctuate even a little, TRT has a less positive effect on me. Even on twice weekly I could feel minor swing 3 days after an injection and I don’t respond to TRT well at all. My muscles started growing very fast (2 weeks) once I start an EOD protocol.

technically he DID increase your dose. By increasing frequency, you will bring up your Total Testosterone.

Someone who injects twice a week will have higher troughs than someone who injects once a week.