Is My Training Log Not Active?

Been on a hiatus from T-Nation for a while and started working out and updating my old training log again (Wannabe Elite). For some reason, when I make updates it is not showing up in the Training Logs list, as either a recently updated thread or otherwise. What gives?

It seems to be updating with new posts fine. The only thing I can think is that it might have to do with it being such an older thread originally.

Threads outside the Training Log can be bumped, but since user posts in that forum are highlighted and done a little differently, that might be causing the issue. If you want to start a new Training Log, we can move the recent posts into it.

Yeah the new posts are showing up, but you’re right that it is not “bumping” whenever I update it. Are you saying this is because it is older, that it can no longer be bumped even if I actively maintain it?
I’ve got 7 years of training history in there, so I’d really hate to start a new log just to get a feature that worked fine before to work again. Is that the only way, or can the technical issue potentially be fixed?

No other active training logs have first posts as old as yours, so that does seem to be the issue. There’s no real “fix” since it’s not really a situation that should happen or will likely happen again.

You can start a new log that automatically links back to that one by using the “Reply as Linked Topic” button to the right of any post.