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Is My Testosterone High or Low?


hi i Havant got a blood test or saliva swab

i am 17

i have a strong squared jaw line with broad face and just started developing prominent chin and brow ridge

i have a prominent nose

my facial lines are clearly visible

i have a deep voice

my body has always been muscly since childhood(not like magazine models when i was a child) ie brown fat

my beard is thicker than my dad's

i find it easy to burn fat and put muscle


i have a medium neck(thick neck = high T)

i am not very competitive

i dont have a desire to be an Alpha Male

i donot have a desire to achieve high status

i lack confidence

i have a high 2D 4D ratio


you have a 4:3 ratio of high t to low t based on your statistics above. take aas


Just in time for 'Post of the Year'...


this is the dumbest thread ive ever seen in my life.


Get a blood test, ask your doctor.....


your trolling efforts are beyond lame, please give up...

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A simple solution to your problem, syphon testosterone from other males the same way you would syphon gas from a car. Some of these males may even offer to pay you for the service, double win!!


IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!


Most people have the same amount of testerone and difference in build and attitude is a mindset thing.
I doubt I have more testosterone than anyone else, but I am aggressive, cocky and the works. Has more to do with your experience and will than anything.
This "I have low testosterone" bullshit is just an excuse.


Problem solved. You dont have low T, your just Jewish.


You're afflicted with both low T and the Ghey


Well this is completely wrong.

If youre going to state your OPINION in direct contrast to scientific evidence, you should make that known.


What he said was completely true. Everyone has the same amount of "TESTERONE."


no everyone has "different" levels of testosterone


who gives a fuck? youre 17. shut up and lift.


its funny when people try and argue with Bonez