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Is My Test E Real?

Hey guys,

I’m on my first cycle of Test E 600mg a week. Jabbing 300mg twice a week.

So far I’ve had the usual freak outs of suffering from pip and I thought I was getting Gyno but it was just me winding myself up haha

So today’s noob question is how to tell if my gear is having much effect. I’m about to do my 6th jab today (so 3 weeks in) this week I’ve had some serious water retention (which doesn’t bother me) my skin is s bit more oily and my sex drive is up a bit.

Would you say that these are signs that my gear is working? The water retention is by far the most noticeable! When I take my socks off after work my ankle are so fat and puffy and my feet are kind of normal haha it’s quite funny.

So yer just want to know if these are good signs for gear being legit and working and what other signs I should / might be seeing?


Are you using an aromatase inhibitior?

I would be looking at the ratio of muscle to fat gain on a caloric excess sufficent enough to cause an increase in body weight to determine the authencity of a product. I mean, we’re talking about FUCKING STEROIDS here, right?

Wait, am I real or am I merely a construct of Tom Cruise’s subconscious? Look what you’ve done! Fuck you, OP!

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No using an AI. The water retention doesn’t bother me. Just wanted to know if it is a tell tell sign that gear is working?

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does high blood pressure bother you? Hepatic adenoma? Gyno? Fat gain? What about when you go into PCT with sky high E and can’t get a boner for a month or two? Would any of that bother you?

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LOOOOOOOOL jesus christ

I’ll bet you ten Norma test E amps he’s not using an AI because it “lowers gains”

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I was under the impression that unless you were suffering from bad side effects like acne and Gyno then an AI wasn’t necessary.

well punch yourself in the face then get an AI pronto!

Would you always run an AI on cycle even if you see no side effects at all?

there are side effects you can’t see. High E is about way more than just bloat and gyno.

Some people do get away without an AI but these people are not the norm and it’s a really irresponsible thing to do.

If you go into PCT with your E sky high you’re really going to wish you’d used an AI.

I appreciate the advice man. I’ll see if I can get hold of some ASAP. What would you recommend?

On another note, is the sign that I’m getting slot of water retention an early indicator that my test is legit?

Yes it’s a sign that increased test levels have led to increased aromatization into estrogen, which comes with a lot of side effects, the least of which is water retention. Get some arimidex or aromasin ASAP or you’ll be sorry later.

Okay guys I managed to get my hands on some arimidex. I’ve only got 10 x 1mg tablets at the mo. I’ve got a further 7 weeks of my cycle to go. Should I use the arimidex just until the side effects disappear or should I use it for the rest of the cycle (obviously I’d have to get some more)

jesus, well what do you think? Does it make sense to you to take your E down just to let it go back up again?

this dude is dense.

also, nobody fakes test. what made you think it was fake in the first place?


Should always have it in hand but I refuse to use one any more unless appearance is the absolute goal. Even on a gram of test Arimidex at .25mg every 3rd day had my my E2 come back at 7 and 3 the second time because I thought it was a mistake. Every time I have tried using an AI my joints hurt, become lethargic, and my dick becomes useless. I believe flipcoller has seen my blood work actually at least once. Test came back at 6000ish and my estro 7 haha.

With that being said YOU SHOULD ALWAYS have it on hand and go off your blood work and sides you are seeing. My BP is fine and I’m definitely not fat…


wooooo look who’s back!

Get an AI in you, you savage.

What’re your numbers like these days? Front squatting 700lbs yet?

Yeah as for me, I’m only on TRT doses right now but my doc had me on 2mg/wk of adex and I felt like shit and dick stopped working, and that was with my E2 at 15. I couldn’t imagine 3! I cut my adex dose in half, then in half again to 0.5/wk and have done a complete 180.

Hahaha yogi smashed 740 at 218 a few weeks ago closing in on my goal. Hoping 800 will be here by years end. Planning on not cutting or anything for my next meet and just going in stupid strong. Just started my meet prep"supps" and 15 weeks out.