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Is My T3 (Cytomel) Real???


I ordered some Cytomel from a well known reasearch lab. This one place may have sold me fake stuff. I see know its out of stock. How will I know? I have taken it on the typical .25 for 3,.50 for 3, .75 for 3, 1mcg for 3. I will taper back down because I dont feel it has done anything. It tasted like grape juice. 0 pounds lost and zero effect on my fat%. Should I up the dose to 1.25? What effect has it had on any of you vets who have tried it. Do you feel or see any difference in 2 weeks?

If this is fake I am worried about my Letro I ordered from them. I got that covered because I have name brand Armidex on hand, but who likes to throw money out the window.


I feel the effects of 25mcg T3 mildly, if i 'look' for them - and definitely 'feel' 50-75mcg.

While i never use research chemicals, i fail to understand why anyone WOULD for a drug that is readily available, legal AND cheap - like T3.

My experience of the company in question has been only ever (good customer service but) crap product.

I would not recommend upping the dose beyond what is recommended - quite simply as you just do not know how much of this hormone you are getting.

You have not mentioned your diet or jack though, which is a concern if you are using a hormone like T3 to reduce bodyfat - what is it, are you needing to get down to 3%? :wink:

And i assume you are on cycle are you not?


Posts like yours are exactly why I no longer will purchase anything from research chem sites. It seems you just can't trust any of them any more.

I have had the exact same issue with T3 purchased from the one. And that was a while back when they still had a spotless reputation on this board (and those of you who were around then will remember, you did NOT talk shit about that company here...). T3 is one of the really hard ones because you can't really "feel" anything happening, and most people who use it will do so while taking other measures to drop body fat concurrently.

I will say that if your physique has not budged and you have been on it for close to 2 weeks and are already at 100mcg/d, you should certainly question your product, as something should have happened by now.

Oh, letro I purchased from TWO different research companies was either underdosed or degraded very quickly.

Like I said, I have given up on research chem cos. I have become completely self-sufficient.


Well this really sucks. I thought this one outfit was spotless? Wow I read so many posts on guys pushing reasearch labs as opposed to overseas product. Even if you are self-sufficient you need to get products from somewere? Brook I think I ordered at the wrong time. Maybe they ran out just as I ordered. The $#*&%rs could have refunded me though?

At this time I choose not to not write of my choice or reason. I want to know if my T3 is fake. Please understand.


Had the same issue in the past as cortes. The first batch i got from that company had the same results as some tabs I had used years ago. The most recent batch does not seem to yeild the same results.


I buy products such as Insulin, T3, Glucophage, Clen, HCG etc from pharmacies, yes.


I guess nobody is truly self-sufficient.

But if you by-pass the scamming, underdosing middle man and make your own "products," it does seem to provide one with a bit more peace of mind.


Brook, you "feel" T3? May I ask what kind of sensations you are speaking of? Honest question. I have used plenty of T3 from plenty of different sources in my time, and I have never experienced any kind of bodily sensation that would let me "know" it's working, aside from "noticing" it's working (ie I experience an increased rat of fat-loss while keeping other variables equal). In fact, this is one of the things I've never liked about the drug, as it's so hard to tell if what you have is legitimate, properly dosed, etc.

Perhaps it's an individual thing, like the fact that I suffer the sides of tren lightly even at high dosages, yet I know DAMNED well when my tren is working.


Makes me hot as fuck for a start.

Makes me.. i don't know how to explain it.. i feel it in my mind. Not pleasant, but not entirely unpleasant either.

I definitely feel the drug. It is tough to explain.. kind of anxious but not full blown. Racy but not stimulated.

Bearable unlike Clen.

I have been pondering 4 week 'blitz's' during AAS bulking cycles which will incorporate 25mcg/d of T3 and 500-750mcg/d of G6.

I think it will be a very effective and very cheap way to add a lot of size to even the most stagnant of physiques.