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Is My Suit Too Small?


Recently bought a Hardcore Double ply size 34.
I am currently 198lbs which according to the size chart on the inzer webpage the 34 should fit fine. My thighs are 26 inchs and I have a 38 inch waste. I spent about 30min trying to get it about half way to my hips and gave up. My fingers are covered in blisters. I also tried using plastic bags with not much success. Dose anyone know if this suit should fit me with those figures I have given or should I send it back and get a new one.




I think you should be able to get into that. I wore a 35 at 240.

If it is double ply, hang the straps on something and hang in it. Be patient, getting into tight new gear can take a while. The first time I wore the Ace briefs I am wearing now it took me 45 minutes to get them on. They are also one size too small though.



Suit slippers and compression shorts should help.


It's definitely the right size. I had a 34 and a 35 Z-suit with almost exactly the same measurements (thighs a little bigger). The 35 took two guys to get me into it so I sold the 34 - big mistake.

By the time my first comp came around I was swimming in the 35 and wished I'd hardened up and squeezed into the 34 even if it meant lacerating my thighs with the hems.

I did my next comp in the 35 at 215lb and everyone thought I was competing raw.

They loosen up a lot.