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Is my stuff legit?

I just got my hands on some equipoise. It is by maxigain. It’s lable is dark green and light green. I has a holigram on it. The lable is stuck on pretty good. The only thing that makes me suspisus is I bought two and both bottles are identical. Same #'s and everything. Is my stuff bogus.

Mine has these no:
Lote: U0056
Vence: FEB-2002
I hope it helped!

It’s crap. The name is NOT “equipoise”…LOL…they didn’t even spell it right! You need to go buy an up to date steriod book or check out a couple sites before buying anymore man. Good luck.

okay my friend…i’ll go into alittle detail. Maxigan is a good product but there were some fakes going around. You sort of described the old type of maxi. It was a dark green label with 50% on it and a securidad hologram. Look at the metal cap. If the peel off metal part over the stopper is smooth then you are good to go. Throw it away if it has a ‘screw driver’ slot in that part. This is some recapped crap that has original box and bottle. Maxigan has new packaging that resembles a lovely farm with pretty colors. There is a window to see the bottle through the box. The bottles having the same lot number is nothing to worry about.