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Is My Squat Depth Good Enough?


Hi, I was wondering if you guys could tell me if my squat depth is good enough. I'm doing my first meet in Jan, with IPA. I would hate to bomb out due to lack of squat depth. The first video is 315, then 335, then 345. Thanks.


Im not farmiliar with the IPA and it's judgeing, but that squat was a little high and I dont think it would pass.






Any suggestions on how to improve my depth? My squat depth gets a little better with heavier weight, so I assume it's a flexibility issue. I started stretching my hams, glutes, calf and hip flexors in between my warm up sets. That seemed to help a little.


your belt looks like it is to wide for a meet as well, check the rule for your fed, try box squats where u must tap the box below parrallel or do this with pins as well go all the way down to proper depth, pause on the pins etc...


I don't think that would pass, even in IPA.

I can't hit parallel with a stance that narrow. I have very bad flexibility.

I had to widen my stance pretty much as wide as the rack (I'm 6'1) to be able to get below parallel.

Either change your stance, or lighten the weight until you can really sit back and down bellow parallel.


Dude, what the fuck are you talking about?

Those squats would pass in most IPA meets. And that belt is fine...if anything, its too SMALL. Get a better one from elitefts or inzer. A 10mm power belt will be just fine.


You really think so?

You may be, and probably are, more experienced than me, but his hamstrings arent even getting to parallel, much less his hips.


Uh, from what I saw, the crease of his hips was getting close to being even with the top of his knees. The IPA doesn't have the same "prove it to me that you hit depth" mentality that some other feds have and it's a multiply organization. I doubt a raw lifter squatting deeper than a lot of the equipped squats in an equipped organization is going to get his lifts red lighted. I would advise the OP though to try pushing his knees out and sitting back just a little more and "dipping" before coming out of the hole just to be sure, but I honestly do not think he will have a problem in the IPA.


I think 1 inch lower and you will not have any problems in an IPA/APF/SPF meet. I think come meet day you will be able to sink it down that last inch.


are you wearing weightlifting shoes? i can get a lot deeper in those.


yeah, the belt is actually too small. I bought it when I was a lot smaller than now. I'll be buying a new one.


Yeah, I'll try widening my stance. Like I said before, my depth is worse with lighter weights, so I don't think it's a strength issue. I think it's an issue with flexibility/technique.


I'm wearing wrestling shoes. I've never tried weightlifting shoes before.


i had one of those belts, th eback is to wide it can only be 4'' wide thats about 6'' i beleive i may be wrong htough


It's 4 '' wide at the back.


you can have a belt 4" wide, and up to almost a 1/4" in thickness. And your squat is fine for IPA, Like Stronghold said, if its close, its good. http://www.ipapower.com/rules.htm is their link to the webside and rule book, thats all youll need.


You also should widen your stance out, you dont walk out weight in IPA, thus, you can squat much wider. Thats one of the reasons I stopped walking out 3/4 of my squats.


Looked shallow to me.