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Is my Squat Deep Enough?



Is my squat deep enough for a powerlifting squat? I think it is, but if it's not, please let me know.

I'm thinking of eventually competiting in PL. Let me know.





Looks like it is probably okay. Video from the side to be certain.

Definitely deep enough:




if you have to ask....

too me it doesnt look good, but a video(or picture would be even better) from the side woudl be easier to judge


Looks deep enough to me however it's hard to tell from that angle.


three whites.


red, u have to wear some kind of shoe :)i believe in a competiton


Like the others have said, its a lot easier to judge from the side. There is a reason there are two side judges and one in the front, but none in the back :slight_smile:

For a squat to be legal, the top of the thigh at the hip must be lower than the top of the knee.


Ah, the top of the thigh. That's an excellent gage (I don't remember reading that before).

Thanks for all your input. On my next squat day, I'll film from the side and I'll be better able to judge.

And I didn't know shoes were required. Training at home I like to go bare feet.



If you're high it's not by much.




So are you saying that in order to hit depth you need to wear socks with pom poms on them?? At least now I know where I've been going wrong!


Pompoms will actually help you know if you are high, or not. If you listen carefully, they will talk to you. Let me know if you need more information on this VERY important subject.

On a more serial note, the coach saw them and said he could see USAPL refs questioning their legality. Because, ya know, pompoms add 70lbs to a squat.


Looks good to me.


difficult angle but looks on or damn near. Side view would be best (where the judges sit). You'll need shoes, pobably a lifting suit or leo, but will depend on fed.


Why does it sound like a hurricane in the second vid?



Why does it sound like a hurricane in the second vid?

Camera was next to a fan.


You bring cheerleaders to the gym??

That's weak! :smiley:


I usually make the boys wear cute little skirts.


It's good.


Serially? I can't tell if that is sarcasm, but I really hope it is because that is pretty much the rule across all feds (as far as I know). There just tends to be quite a bit of difference in the interpretation of that rule.