Is My Second Cycle Right?

Hi everyone, I’m starting my second cycle ever and was seeing if this would be suitable? My first cycle was just Test E 300 once every Thursday just to adapt too the new life style lol.

For my second cycle I plan:
Test E 250 - every Monday and Friday
NPP 150 - every Wenesday and Saturday
Dbol - 40mg ED

I am 5’6 and about 140lb. I was curious on if this would be an okay cycle too do? I eat healthy and try to drink roughly a gallon of water every day.

I also have Letros, HCG and chlomid on hand for my PCT.

Anyways my questions are basically:

-Does this cycle look correct? If not what should I change?
-Should I get anything else for my PCT?
-When should I start the Dbol and NPP after starting on the 500mg weekly injections
-can I just inject the npp and test on the same days?

You’re knowledge would be very helpful, Ive tried to do as much research as I could but not much luck for my situation. Thanks guys!

No, not recommended. First, you need to get a good diet on board. You’re missing a few things with your current diet. Second, NPP is a short ester, 2× week injections not good enough. And your test should be on Monday and Thursday. Lastly, you don’t know when to use your dbol. These are elementary things and something you should know.
Just get your diet and training together for now. Without those, all the AAS in the world won’t help. Don’t mean to sound like a dick, just do some more research as well.
Clomid works better with Nolva.
Good luck.

5’6" 140lbs and you want to jump on the gear? Smh! Not sure of your age but you are by no means ready to do a cycle. Maybe you should learn to eat and train better first. Put on 25-30lbs naturally then maybe think of a cycle.

I’m eating roughly 2500 calories almost every single day with a lot of chicken/turkey/rice in there, on top of the gallon of water and have been consistently working out the past 6 months but have only put on roughly 10-15lb. I apologize for not being an newbie on this kind of stuff and suppose I should of explained myself better, but a shove in the right direction would be great.

I know how you take Dbol as well, i was gonna split 30-40mg in thirds and take one third when i wake, one before working out and one when I go to bed.

I just wanna bulk man. Lol.

So if you can help it’d be much obliged. For the NPP how often should I be injecting weekly then? Thank you!

Ok. 10-15lbs is good for 6months. You will probably keep that. I prefer to run short esters with short esters and long esters with long esters. You have your dbol right, only I’d run 40mgs a day, taking 20 mgs before workout.
With what you have on hand I’d do something like this:
Test E - 12 weeks 250 mgs 2×week.
Dbol - 40mgs, First 4 weeks
NPP - 100mgs EOD, Weeks 5-12
HCG - 250ius e3d, Weeks 3 - Up to but not during PCT.
PCT - 14 days after last test injection for 4 weeks.
Clomid - 100/50/25/25
Keep cals high during PCT. Throw in 10-20gms of creatine during PCT as well and training at high volume.
That’s how I’d run it. If there’s anything else, or I missed something, please let me know.

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Thank you for the knowledge, man!

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One more question, what days would you recommend injecting the NPP? And 3 days a week would be suitable? I’m probably gonna buy Test P as well then.

If you get prop, load em both in same pin and EOD. You could get away with M-W-F injections but I’d do EOD. You want to keep your blood levels the same. EOD is best. I pin ED with short esters.

Last questions, I appreciate your help! It’s the NPP that’s confusing me at this point. If i would do 100mg EOD? That wouldnt exceed my 300mg weekly limit right?

And if I’m on a NPP injection the same day as an Test E I can’t put it in the same pin unless it’s Test P? So just use a different pin for npp, can I use the same muscle or different one?

Thanks a lot man

Seems like I should be doing 75mg of npp every Monday, wenesday, Friday and Sunday then correct?

mate just run 500mg of test, if you did 300mg the first time that is still almost double the dosage, you will benefit a lot from that - especially considering your starting weight. save the other stuff for your next cycle, try the get the most out of the smallest dosage, you will have to increase/stack eventually.

Am actually curious how you ended up with these stats with a cycle already under your belt. Are you 3% body fat or someshit?

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