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Is My Schedule Set Up Right?

I read this: http://www.T-Nation.com/article/bodybuilding/behind_the_iron_curtain

It makes sense and i have been doing something like that.
However i want to know if my training plan actually follows that idea:

Monday: maximum effort upper body (wave)
Tuesday: maximum effort lower body
Wednesday: upper body speed (rotation between pullups and pushups and dips with minute break in between sets)
Thursday: maximum effort lower body
Friday: full break (i do jog and bike every day)
Saturday: maximum effort upper body
Sunday: lower body speed/endurance

Is this alright?
Let’s say that on the max effort days i use weights that are always beyond my 85% range (max of 5-8 reps)
and on speed days (50 pushups and 15 for pullups)i do it as fast as i can with no weight. Does this work?
When do i do max effort i try to go as fast as i can (meaning keeping form and going fast…like pullups with weights for example)

Yay or nay?