Is My Routine Ok?

Hi guys, would like some opinions on my routine.

I’m currently going with a 4-day body part split, but still with a focus on compound movements. So my routine on any given day might look like this.

Leg Day -

Squat 3x8 moderate weight, then 2x4-5 heavy weight, then back-off set at moderate weight until failure. (Usually can get about 12-13 reps)
Leg Press 4 sets of 10-12
Leg Extensions 4 sets of 10-12
Machine Leg Curl 4 sets of 10-12

Chest Day
Barbell bench 3x8 moderate weight, then 2x4-5 heavy weight, then back-off set at moderate weight until failure. (Usually can get about 12-13 reps)
Dips 4 sets of 10-12
Incline Dumbbell bench 4 sets of 10-12
Machine Fly 4 sets of 10-12

And same goes for shoulder day and back day - generally focus on the compound movement, and finish off with 3 accessory movements either with dumbbells or machines.

How’s my volume looking like? Is my training volume too low? Would appreciate the advice! Thanks

What are your lifting stats ie maxs

You also don’t put down how you are progressing the weights…

Looks good to me. The volume should be plenty if you work hard enough. I am doing something very similar at the moment. Include some tricep work on your bench day as well.

Looks fine to me from a bodybuilding stand point, good exercise selection, good work up to some fairly heavy weights and then back off, good volume.

Crappy lack of hamstring work though. Sorry. 3 quad dominant movements and some leg curls thrown in at the end isn’t going to cut it. You’d be better off doing the 3rd and 4th exercise on leg day as hamstring dominant movements. Like deadlift, step-ups, whatever. You could even do long step lunges (not short step).

More hamstrings.

I use a similar CONCEPT in my personal workout… but I mostly agree with Aragorn.
First thing to catch my eye was three quad dominants. That’s a no-no. Need some balance.
More hams, and I personally would add glutes, like a hip hinge.
You didn’t mention if you’re working toward strength or size.

Personally, I do a 4-day split.
I warm-up with foam rolling, band work, and mobility.
I use one of the big three to start my weights at reps 5,5,3,3,1.
Then two or three secondary lifts at 3x8 (some are compound, some not).
And end with a few accessory exercises at 2-3x10-15 reps.

Lower Day

  1. Squat
  2. Ham Curl, DB Step-Ups, KB Swing
    A) Abductor, adductor, calf work

Just FYI: Do This Routine Instead of That Dumb One - Competitive Bodybuilding - Forums - T Nation

Worth a read.

Thanks for the input guys. Currently working towards size atm.
As of last training week, my stats for the compound lifts (the heavy sets of 4-5 reps) are:

Squat at 196 lbs
Bench at 167 lbs
Military Press at 104 lbs
Deadlift at 235 lbs.

Still very much at novice weights, at a bodyweight of 147 lbs at height of 5’7. Need to pack on lots of size.

Do the deadlifts cover hamstring work?

The deadlifts WOULD…but I dont see them in your original post. I also dont see a layout of what your weekly aplit is…if you only deadlift every other week then no. you want as much hamstring work as quad work. Both for strength and size.