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Is My Routine Decent?

Im trying to follow Waterbury’s set/rep bible. 2 days on, 1 off, repeating would let me hit each bodypart twice a week with 5 days seperating same session.
sessions look like:

day 1

Front Squat 4x6-8
Stiff leg deads 4x6-8
leg ext/curl supersets (no rest) 4x10-12


weighted pull-ups rest 60sec/incline DB bench 4x6-8
supinated grip bb rows 60sec/ flat db bench 4x6-8
weaighted nuetral grip pull ups- 3x6-8

day3 off/rest

day 4

hang clean 4x6-8
nuetral grip db press 4x6-8
cable row to neck superset with side db raise 4x10-12
db shrugs superset with shrugs on calf raise machine 4x10-12

day 5

weighted dips superset with barbell curl 4x6-8
seated french press superset with incline db curl
decline db extensions superset with reverse curls

day 6 off/rest

day 7 repeat day 1

Is this too much/litte? I have a feeling I won’t be able to do dips after shoulder day, should I switch stuff around?

It might not be a bad routine for you, but it doesn’t really accord w/ the set/rep bible. You are only doing leg work once a week, for example, while the parameters presented in the article provide for a minimum of 2 sessions/week/muscle group.

I think the set/rep bible is written with the notion that full-body or upper/lower splits will be performed. Waterbury does not break routines down by bodypart.

But if you like the look of what you have, go for it. I think it’s reasonably well balanced.