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Is My Reaction To This Supplement Normal?

26, male, was diagnosed with low-T, but the doctor (GP) I am seeing told me he want to see me lose weight first before taking any action. I also have an addiction to sex, and have found that excessive porn use kills my libido and normal operating function of my junk (lose morning erections, lack of sex drive, painful erection, etc). When I avoid porn and masturbation I feel better, but I also feel like I am too sensitive to the effects of masturbation.

Anyway, when I take this supplement “prostametto” over the period of a week I feel immediately better. In fact, my sex drive goes into hyperactive mode. I wake up wanting sex. Im at work wanting sex. I look at a pretty girl and I feel aroused beyond what I feel is normal. It will get to the point where my friends will tell me to chill out. On one occasion I felt like I was going to start shaking. I get an almost euphoric feeling with sexual desire. This feeling is addicting and I don’t take this supplement often per the recommendation of a doctor who told me there may be adverse effects or unlisted ingredients in this supplement. I am also cautious not to put anything in my body without knowing all the details.

The ingredients are listed here:

From my research, nothing is directly tied with increasing sex drive so I am not sure what this supplement could be doing.

Any insight?

While I understand my remarks could be made a joke, I am serious about the abnormal level of euphoria I feel. I get distracted to the point where I cant drive, work, or do anything for that matter, when I take this once a day. I am concerned I have a hormone problem.

That product is meant to address urine track health and nothing you describe is expected.

Perhaps you have a vitamin deficiency that this product addresses.

What other supplements have you been taking?
Anything odd about your diet?
Any health issues?

The effects are in the brain. Perhaps you have some oddness in your enzymes that make the ingredients act differently. How fast did this effect take place the first time you took it? Could be something that should not be in the product.

  1. No, I eat lots of veggies, protein and fatty food. Once in awhile Ill have something with sugar but overall I don’t tolerate carbs well (I get sick or feel funny).

  2. I only take l-carnitine in the morning when I feel really tired. It helps me feel more energetic throughout the day without the side effects of caffine

  3. beside being overweight I am healthy according to my GP. BP is a little on the high side but I do cardio every week and it has gone down. My sugar is elevated but not in the diabetic range. Doc says weightloss will help.

  4. If I take one pill per week and minimize my masturbation/porn, all of these effects will emerge. By day 7 im so sexually frustrated I start to feel sick. Ive been told those are withdrawal symptoms.

  5. Please don’t tell me I have brain tumor or parkinsons or something crazy. My mom is on her way out from lesions in her brain due to multiple sclerosis. Ill take almost anything else over MS.

My doctor also came to a similar conclusion - the supplement might have unlisted ingredients.

I had BHP when I was 19, suspected to be caused by interstitial cystitis. The doc put me on cipro with no results. I took this supplement for 6 months and it was cured. It does what it says it will do at the very least.

I felt an improvement in libido when I started taking 50mg/zinc a day. That leveled off after a few weeks. I discontinued after a few months because of the effect on my stomach.

I’m inclined to think the boost wasn’t placebo, as I had tried a variety of other libido boosting supplements to no avail (maca root, etc) and started taking zinc more for sports than sex.

30mg is a pretty big zinc dose - could be that?

We really have very little info about you to go on.

Carb intolerance may be a glutin sensitivity. That can lead to nutrient absorption problems and possible GI blood loss.

Your dopamine processing may be affected by these herbs.

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I did have a complete workup done 2 years ago, which showed everything was inflamed (all inflammatory markers raised), DHEA-S was around 600ug/dl
Free test around 350
red blood cell volume (physical size not # of cells) was low (but not anemic)
vitamin D levels were below normal.
I got tested for lactose, glucose, fructose, and gluten sensitivities all coming back negative.
My GI did not have a good balance of bacteria though.

However… I was around 270lbs then. I was not eating healthy, I was not exercising as often as I am now, I did no cardio. I am 243 now. Ill see if I can get an old copy.

It might be a good idea to consolidate those threads into 1 PDF for easy searching. It is a bit disorganized.

I have sleep apnea too, the machine made it way worse. The doctor was a quack so I stopped seeing him. I explained to him that I felt like I wasn’t getting better and he basically told me that I am wrong. Fuck him. I bet he drew his degree in crayon and put it on his moms refrigerator.