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Is My PSA High?

P-PSA (0-2,5) is 1,1
Is this high?

No, but could be better.

My PSA was never high, but has decreased over 11 years of TRT. I have always managed E2 in lower 20’s.

E2 is now recognized as a factor with prostate problems.

PSA can be elevated by prostatitis [infections/inflammation]. Also never have PSA labs soon after ejaculation or after a prostate digital exam [DRE] as levels will be elevated.

great,and good to know,thanks Ks.

Sometimes is it hard to pee,poor pressure. but this can be caused by urine trackt inflamation right? i have it several times a year.
I wake up 1-2 times every night dying to pee,even when i peed before i went to bed.

How old are you?

You are saying that you have repeating UTIs?
If so, never resolved and resurfaces.
Inflammation can be dangerous, some supplements are anti-inflammatory such as anti-oxidants, fish oil etc.

im 35,yes get UTIs several times a year,been like this for years along with thyroid. i take fish oil,vitamins,turmeric,ginger and alot of greens.

Please explore these search results: https://www.google.com/search?q=male+uti

ok so i have never been off with the infections since i catched it? it only have been less active at times? i need some antibiotics.
Should i get a physical inspection of the prostate?

Hi @donkeykong82 my PSA has been up to 3.8, but this was with high T high E2. As my T has come down to a good level, and my E2 has dropped so has my psa. So I’m hoping long term goods results with T, E2 will help lower PSA even further, contrary to my urologist thoughts. When my T was high along with high PSA I felt I needed to pee a lot more. Had to get up every morning about 5am without fail. How is your T, are you on TRT?

oh that was high psa. No im not on trt but hope i can start very soon,the thyroid is holding me back from starting,but things have been better lately… I have good total t but low free t.

@KSman: should i get the prostate examine? Or no worry,in regards to trt if i chose it?