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Is My Progress Good for 5 Months Lifting?

At your level there’s literally zero reason to be testing 1rm on anything. It serves no purpose and could even set you back. Train to improve your strength, don’t test it.

will I look like a skinny fuck if I cut or do I have enough mass to look aesthetic?

If by aesthetic you mean skinny, than yes you will look skinny… Uh I mean aesthetic.

HA dude have you held onto a goal for more than 1 week since you started training? You cut for a week and worry about looking small, then bulk and worry about looking fat.

The answer is no, you dont have enough muscle to look muscular at a low bodyfat. If you got to very low bodyfat, you would look skinny, like seriously skinny.

Now that doesnt mean go on a crazy bulk, you dont have to put on a lot of fat to put on muscle, but you definitely, definitely, definitely need more muscle. A lot more muscle.

New T-Nation motto?

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Ha, though seriously, there arent many statememts made on here that couldn’t be answered with that as a response.

skinny abs