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Is My Progress Good for 5 Months Lifting?

Before 1rm:
Bench: 45 kg
Squat: 45 kg
Deadlift: 65 kg
Now rm:
Bench: 77x3-4
Deadlift: 130x1
Squat: 77x6



I’m a beginner so take advice with grain of salt

  1. Didn’t you start a big ass argument about something like this over in another thread (if not sorry and ignore this)
  2. Why do you squat and bench very similar weights?
  3. Why did you take an after pic with your shirt on?
  4. You are flexing your tricep in the after. that looks like the only difference


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Its an album, look at all the pics, I have a good bench and a shitty squat (on relation of one an the other, really both are shitty)

Yes. Good work. Now keep it up for 50 more years.

For the love of all that is holy don’t: do crash diets like PSMF, or crazy bulking cycles. Don’t program hop.

Do: track food intake, sleep and stress and be as consistent with these as possible. You’re wasting your potential results from lifting of your diet sucks (ask me how I know). Do pull apart and face pulls with bands.


I face pull with pulleys and my diet is on point, i track macros, thanks anyways!

Below average for 5 months.

But then again, what did you learn from the last thread?

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Do you even train the medial head of your deltoid?


Y y’all got no chill lel?

Better than a lot of people at 5 months tho we’ll see how you are going in a few years

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Are you talking about aesthetic progress or strength progress?

Strength-wise, yes. Pretty good for 5 months. Doubling your deadlift is good. I know that at this age, a year seems like a long time. Keep lifting for a year and if your diet is actually on point as you say it is, then expect to add another 35kg to your dead, 20ish to your bench, and hopefully more to your squat.

I said this in your last thread, do your own research on how to squat. There are many very knowledgable youtubers who make instructional videos on how to squat. My advice: watch every video you find, and APPLY IT TO YOUR TRAINING. You will continue to make progress even with bad form and technique for a while, but if you nail your form now, the sky is the limit.

Thanks mate, I wanted to know both aesthetic amd strength wise

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Well, looks like you already know everything you need to know, so I’m puzzled why you’re still starting threads asking if your progress is good.


Aesthetically I do see a small difference. Don’t worry about that too much, it will come with time. Honestly I’d just focus on the lifting and making sure you eat the right amount. Not too little, not too much. If you eat too little you’ll notice it pretty much right away. If you eat too much, you’ll start to get fat after a while. Just keep lifting in the 75-85% range and you should be able to sustain your beginner gains for a looong time

Before I say anything ,are you looking for constructive criticism to help you improve or are you looking for a pat on the back?

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Constructive criticism

Unlike some folks, I think the first six months is the least important. It flushes out the no hopers, it’s getting past “hi” with a girl. Some guys think she’s in love with them, others realise now is when the real work begins.

Honest response. Strength results are mediocre, you started weak and ended still weak but probably a bit more proficient at the lifts.

Your deadlift progress is the exception, getting to 130 in 5 months is doing pretty well.

Aesthetically, there isnt much difference, you started with very little muscle, you still dont have much and haven’t put on amount that makes it obvious from the photos you have posted. However this is relatively normal as you can only put on so much muscle in 5 months, and unless you are naturally very strong, talking about naturally gifted athletes which your starting weights suggest you are probably not, you will need to develop a strength base before you can build appreciable muscle mass.

This game isnt about immediate results, and if you think it is the inevitable result is that you will train for another maybe 6 months, jump on a cycle, make good gains, come off, lose the gains, get demotivated, and we will never see you in the gym again. Ive seen it many times.

Stick with it for the long term, focus on getting stronger, in whatever yo do, week on week, month on month, and results will come. Focus on the results, and you will be perpetually dissapointed.


To be honest dude, I wouldn’t even ask that question when it’s only been five months. Come back and ask that question after two years. Most people would say one year, even I would, but to be honest it’s a long ass journey. It’ll just be creeping up on year 3 for me, and I’m not even half way there. I have so much potential to unlock, but every time I get down and start beating myself up because I’m not as far as I think I should be, I look back and see all the times I didn’t want to go to the gym, all the times I felt like giving up, and when I hurt myself I thought I’d have to let all this go, yet here I am. Still pushing through. As pinky mentioned, focus on the journey, not the destination.

Wow, that sounds like solid advice, thanks!