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Is My Program On Point?

Hey guys I have been working out hard for a little over 2 years now and have gained a fairly good amount of strength but not much on size. I am 36 years old 6’0" 190lbs roughly 15%BF. Current #'s on big lifts Squat - 275lbs, Bench - 250lbs, DL - 275bs, OHP - 150lbs. I have cycled through several routines over the last 2 years, and while I continue to get a little stronger with each program I just don’t get any bigger or really change in appearance at all. I have been doing rather high volume daily whole body workouts 5 days per week for the last couple of month and it finally just drained me so I took a week off. I started this program this week, what do you guys think? Too much or not enough.

MWF Workout A/B Alternate EX: M/A, W/B, F/A Etc.

Workout A
BB Squat 5X5
Bench 5X5
BB Row 5X5
Snatch Grip High Pull 3X5
Romanian DL 5X5
BB Standing Calf Raise 3X12

Workout B
BB Squat 5X5
Standing Military Press 5X5
Incline BP 5X5
Deadlift 5X5
Snatch Grip High Pull 3X5
BB Standing Calf Raise 3X12

Tuesday & Thursday (All 3X10 done as circuit)
Leg Raises 4X25
BB Bicep Curl 3X10
Close Grip BP 3X10
Weighted Bridge 3X10
Dumbbell Flies 3X10

That’s it, nothing fancy. What do you guys think? As far as a program for size, on point or way off?
Thanks for the help

Honestly? I don’t like it. Doing 5x5 with so many multi-joint movements per workout means you need to compromise something.
Do something simplier, like 5/3/1 BBB.

Also eat. I have yet never done any kind of hypetrophy specific program and getting bigger.

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What are you eating?

Up to 3600 calories a day right now with 320g protein, 300g carbs and about 120g fats. It is very strange though because it seems no matter what I do I stay at a body weight of around 190 to 195lbs. At one point I was eating close to 4000 calories a day and I just felt like crap and bloated all the time and was still just maintaining 190 to 195. My food choices are good I believe, grilled meats (lean steak, chicken, shrimp, fish, venison, lean pork) carbs are (white potatoes, sweet potatoes, white rice, beans, some bread whole wheat) fats are almonds, grapeseed oil, olive oil, avocado, whole milk, whole eggs, cheeses from time to time. I don’t eat a lot of veggies with the exception of green beans and bell peppers. This is the bulk of my diet, I may decide to have some bacon with breakfast from time to time or sliced turkey etc. but nothing crazy. I supplement with Isopure whey protein 50 g per serving (post workout), fish oil (throughout day NOT around workout), dextrose (post workout) and BCAA’s (Intra workout). I am beginning to get really confused and frustrated lol. I read a lot and it seems that one experts write up contradicts another experts write up and in some cases the experts contradict their own write-ups. I am trying to take what I read and apply it to my own needs but so far its not working out too well. Thanks again for the help guys.


I’d say get to 10% bf, you will look drastically different. Have a look at Beyond 531 1.1 to1.4 on this site for a good program which incorporates conditioning.

That is definitely something for me to shoot for and it would for sure give the illusion anyway that I am bigger.

Also, I have been doing a lot of reading on T-Nation and stumbled upon the Waterbury Method. This looks like a solid program and makes sense to me, has anyone tried it? Looks like it should help add some mass to my frame and help get me closer to that 10% BF range as well, what do you guys think?

I don’t like it much either. If size is what you want, you’re probably going to be better off with more volume, especially in terms of reps per set.

I’d say 531 BBB would definitely fit the bill for that.