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Is My Program Good for Me? (Hardgainer)

i am planning on finishing my workout routine this week with just more volume into more basic lifts and less total exercises, from next week i am gonna start one of the programs from this website

sometimes i was eating up to 7-8 meals i didn’t did anything back then i just shove food down all day it was kinda tiring and in the night i had trouble sleeping from all this energy, now i am going for a lean bulk i don’t want much fat as i believe it will slow me down

You kinda sound like my brother in law. He’s been trying to add weight on for a couple years. He’s added size to everything but most of his weight gain is in his legs and upper back. He has a very labor intensive job, hard gainer 6 feet tall long and lanky. I know he eats a lot I don’t how consistent he is though .

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That’s what I’m finding to be the key, at least for me. I can do great for 2-3 days but once something about my routine changes, all bets are off.

It’s easy to commit to one day and just slam food, but working late, weekends, plans with friends etc really hinder my ability to eat or honestly really feel hungry at all.

I was always skinny, and still see myself as skinny even with the weight gain in the past couple years. I’m just finding it takes a lot of mental and emotional power to turn my brain off and say “I’m not leaving this table, work van or party until I eat until I’m full and bursting at the seams”.

I agree, this is definitely not the case

Dude, how did you lose close to 40 pounds in under two years? Were you hospitalized or something?

Have you tried eating three meals? Bigass breakfast, bigass lunch, bigass dinner. Some people find it works better than grazing all day long, as long as you do actually pound food down when you eat.

Every time a young skinny dude says this, it doesn’t end well. Every. Time. Gaining size pretty much always means gaining some bodyfat. Get enough protein to ensure you’re building muscle along the way and “gaining too much fat” will only be an issue in your head.

Yeah, ppl typically love the gym. For me, I love lifting the atmosphere, hearing weights slam etc. I hate meal prepping, cooking measuring , packaging all
Of it.

However if you’re bulking and have problems like
You said, “one day 6k cals next 3 days 1500.” You need to be meal prepping and having it wherever you end up.

I worked with a guy that competed and he had a rolling cooler with him all the time. He was on time with every meal. He wasn’t married and had no kids so it’s easier in that situation but if you have issues gaining you have to get obsessive about it if it’s that important to you.

i was not training and i eaten very little food in that timeframe and don’t forget i have a raging metabolism, now i eat 4 meals and it does not take much time for me, also i had gained a lot of fat very quickly it may have been water weight though i don’t know

I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said. I actually do pack a fairly decent sized lunch every single day I go to work (not a huge fan of lunch as it is, it typically just slows me down) but I more often than not have 1-3 days a week where time just gets away from me, and getting to every job I can is more important than taking a lunch break. Today isn’t one of those days so I took my time and ate my lunch, surfed the web and all is good in the world.

If I have a feeling it’s one of “those” kinds of day I’ll have a big breakfast, and eat like a madman at dinner. I can’t predict the future so some days I don’t eat until I’m basically home from work. One meal is not even close to enough for me, as it’s been a crazy past 2 weeks and have dropped around 8-10lb (looking lean though so that’s cool I guess?). I guess all I’m trying to say is it takes a pretty dedicated individual to be able to control themselves enough to essentially force feed. I envy their persistence.

Sorry for hijacking the thread OP

Possibly an increased amount of food in your gut? Maybe you would be better served weighing yourself less often? If you do it multiple times a week, maybe try once every couple weeks or so?

Mirror>scale in my.opinion

If he’s 192 he’s actually more like 6’4".

Lol maybe our conversation will give the OP some insight on what could help him in the future :sunglasses:

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Welp, that’s rough. My warning was brushed aside pretty quickly though, so I don’t have much else to offer here. If I had focused as much effort on my eating as I did my lifting when I started, I’d have been where I’m at now a couple years ago, probably.

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If the guy was a hardgainer, he wouldn’t be putting on ANY noticeable fat at 4000kcals. He’s just a young dude with little idea of what to do, that has never had a consistent diet and training program in place.

IMO everyone is majoring in the minors here. The guy is gonna get newbie gains off damn near any program he runs for a few months.

Fwiw, when I was in college I had my shoulder reconstructed and lost about 60lbs in 6 months. Went from around 195 down to 135-140 at 6’3".

For legit hardgainer ectomorphs, the combination of eating less and not training has drastic results. That said, I gained all 60lbs of almost all muscle back in the next 6-8 months. Was pretty crazy how quick it all came back.

So there was a medical condition involved.

This dude simply stopped training and wasn’t eating. That makes any “hardgainer” claim null and void.

How does one even achieve hardgainer status if it’s easy to eat? Eating is what makes the gains hard…

I know in my 20s I had a hard time putting on muscle or fat. I ate like crazy and cranked down protein, but I was also lifting, playing soccer for my college which meant practice everyday, worked. I was pretty much full throttle from wake-up to bed. I think the only reason I didn’t shrink was I supplemented with 2000-3000 calories a day in beer.