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Is My Program Good for Me? (Hardgainer)

Hello guys, i am a 20yo i have been training before from 15/18yo then i stopped and i pick up again recently, the first time i did gain a some weight but not much,now before i started i weighted 69 and with 3 weeks of training i weigh 73,i have some beginner/muscle memory gains but i am very weak is my routine good? i do leg/push/pull.

sets x reps
squats set 3x12
jumping squats 3x12
leg press 3x12
leg extensions 3x20-25
calf raises 3x15-18

dmbl flat bench press 3 sets,first set 15-19, set 2,3 10 reps
dmbl incline bench press same as above
cable crossover 3x15
shoulder/barbell overhead press 3x7-10
barbell shrugs 2-3x15
lateral raises 2x12
cable pushdown 3x12
overhead cable pushdown 3x12
skullcrushers 3x10-12

deadlift 3x10-15
barbell bent-over row 3x10-12
lat pull-down 3x12
lat pull-down 3x12(different grip)
incline bench curls 3x10-12
cable hammer curls 3x10-12
preacher curls 2x20

i also train my abs and forearms outside of gym but i will not mention my routine for them here.

i train 6 days per week and i do cardio on sunday and i eat 3000 calories with my protein varying at 140gr-170gr range, should i fix anything?? is my volume good?? whats your opinion.

Literally everything, yes. Sorry, but there’s nothing about that program that seems like a good idea for you. The exercises are redundant, the training frequency is too much for a “hardgainer”, the volume is poorly chosen for many exercises, etc.

There are hundreds of better programs to follow on the site. This is one to consider: https://www.t-nation.com/training/10-secrets-to-building-mass

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday? I’m asking about the actual food, not the macro numbers.

Also, how tall are you?


a smoothie i put in it oats,olive oil,cocoa,banana,oat cookie and its around 740 kcal
full-fat greek yogurt 420 grams with 40 grams of honey 655 kcal
chicken(230) with white beans(430 grams) and quinoa(100 grams) around 1100 kcal
and a bowl of oatmeal around 580 calories.
around 3075 kcal

what exactly should i change in my program in terms of frequency and volume for exercises??

i am 192cm(6.2ft)

I’ll just slide this in here…


The only real protein I’m seeing is some yogurt and a piece of chicken. That’s a problem and it’s going to prevent muscle growth.

Really, dude, everything. It’s not worth saving. Scrap it and start fresh with a program that’s been designed by someone who knows what they’re doing. Learn as you go and eventually you’ll be able to sort out your own training.

If you want to stick with a push-pull-legs split, follow this setup and train 3 or 4 days a week: https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/push-pull-legs-the-ultimate-split

Training more often (like 6 days a week) can be used as a muscle-building program, but it also means you’re more active overall, so your calories need to be that much more dialed in. At your height and weight, you’ve got some serious eating to do because you’re severely significantly underweight. What’s your actual goal?

Stuff like sets of 15 deadlifts, sets of 12 jump squats, sets of 25 leg extensions, 20-rep preacher curls, three different kinds of curls, 3 sets of pulldowns and then 3 sets of different pulldowns… it’s all just poor planning.


alright so i will just eat more complete protein i will try that.
around how much calories should i consume??
is it possible to train 6 days per week if yes what program do you recommend??
and i want to reach my maximum muscular potential as much as this is and i know it takes years and i will commit to that that’s my goal and for the first months i was planning to train with rep range 10-12 but i will follow what the programs of this website says.

160 lbs at 6 foot 2. That’s about where I started - 165 at 6 foot 3. You have a lot of eating to do. That’s going to determine how you grow. The lifting is important, and you want to scrap that routine and do something written by somebody who knows how to program, like what Chris or @kdjohn suggested and I’m going to refrain from posting another suggestion and giving you too many options, but at your height and weight, you need to eat.
Until you are uncomfortably full.
Every. Fucking. Day.
For years.
And it does not get much easier to keep shoveling food down. We’re skinny people, and our bodies signal that we’re full very quickly. The eating is going to be the hardest part of gaining muscle for you.


at what weight did you see visible change at your physique??

You look at yourself every day, the change will be fairly gradual. The indication will be when someone else tells you you look different. I had people tell me I looked bigger in the mid 180s, I think, but that was only relative to how skinny I was before. You’re tall in addition to being skinny, you’re not going to look like you lift until you get close to 200, and that’s if you lift properly, because 200 lbs can look like shit or great.

You mentioned you’ve lifted for three weeks. If you’re lucky you’ll see some serious differences in three years.

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when i was 18 in my peak i weighted 189 pounds i didn’t see the difference back then but i see it now that i am smaller indeed people where telling “oh you look bigger” like everyone said that, i thought they just did some mental encouragement when i looked at myself i said no dude you are skinny, truth is that i was but i had made some decent progress back then.

I started at that weight as well.

Eat 4-5 meals a day with protein in it.

Eat more, even when you’re not hungry anymore, when you feel full (yeah it’s really hard).

Chose a 3-4 days per week training plan.

If you train hard and eat like an ogre you’ll see change in 6 months.


I still see a skinny kid most days when I look in the mirror. A lot of people do. It’s called a mild body image disorder, haha. I’ll bet a lot of money a lot of people who lift in general have them, especially the ones who started out skinny or fat.


I used to be skinny, then fat, so when I look in the mirror I see a mix of both, a skinny fat guy without muscles ahahah

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I think about everyone that lifts has this a little. Tall/skinny/fat/ or short/fat/skinny. I wake up everyday not wanting to be that short chubby kid I always was growing up.

To the OP: eat lift eat sleep eat eat eat.


eating is easy, back then i was eating above 4000 kcal i didn’t have a limit some days i consumed less some more i was gaining like 2-3kg per week then i was cutting back because i was gaining too much fat, but i was inconsistent some times i bulked sometimes i just played video games :stuck_out_tongue: but now i have a clearer goal on mind

Lol I have always been opposite. I can eat very little and get fat. When I started training and being serious about it I gained muscle fairly quickly when I figured out what worked well for me. Sadly I can also gain fat easily and even faster :-/. I


This is what every single skinny person who comes on here says, and they all drastically overestimate what and how much they’re actually eating, so you’ll forgive me if I believe a 6’2 160# person who says eating is easy. Good luck though, hope you gain lots of solid weight.


this will not happen with the programs listed off this site, they all have a good amount of volume. At your age, if you hit them hard it will actually be a struggle to get fat on them (unless you eat like a total asshole)

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