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Is My Power Clean Good for My Size?


i wanna know if my powerclean max is good for my size:
age: 16
bodyweight: 160-165
height: 5'9
powerclean max 200lb (200club :slight_smile:


Does it matter? If I said yes, would you stop training it and be content with 200? If I said no, would it push you to higher heights or would you be disappointed and give up?

Ultimately, who gives a shit if your lifts are good or bad compared to others your size? It doesn't help you any, just strive to be stronger than your current self.


Powerclean weight lifting standards for men by bodyweight:

BW 165lbs:

Untrained = 79lbs

Novice = 147lbs

Intermediate = 180lbs

Advanced = 246lbs

Elite = 288lbs


As a standalone exercise, anything over a bodyweight power clean is a good start, but like Liquid Merc said, keep going.

More importantly, I'm wondering how your strength in other exercises is. Dan John, a very experienced Olympic lifter and coach, mentioned that a clean should be "about the same" as your bench and front squat.

What are your best lifts in the front or back squat, deadlift, overhead press, row, bench press, push-up, and pull-up?


front squat : 205lb
back squat; 255lb
deadlift : not sure
over headpress: not sure
row: not sure
bench press: 185lb
pushups: 40
pullup: 12


It's great. Good job dude


Cool beans, man. Sounds like you're right on track.

Just don't overlook the deadlift, overhead press, and row. They're foundational moves that will take you a long way, whatever your goals are.

Any other questions, fire away. In the meantime, I'd say keep doing what you're doing.


Don't get caught in in max weight, I have seen some guys lift 300lbs or more but their form is horrible. Eventually, your techniques will limit how much you can lift. Your max should be at the point your technique starts to break down.

If you are after the "training effect", you need to train fast and explosive vs guys who do cleans "slow" or just lift the weight without concentrating on what they are doing.


i have a pretty good technique ive been training on cleans for about a year and a couple now


yea i know i actually include those exercises in my workout but i never really maxed out on them


Chris, really? I agree with everything you say, but "cool beans"? you are better than that!


sooo... what r u trying to say?


post vids up on the Oly forum if you want some independent verification of that.


Ha, don't sweat it, WTB.

I'm pretty sure the dude with the Jersey Shore motto as an avatar was just trying to bust my chops for saying "cool beans." :wink: