Is My Posture Really Bad? If So, What's the Problem?

Hey Guys
I have had trouble with my posture for years. Had shoulder surgery on my right shoulder about 1.5 years ago. I have had impingement before this surgery and afterwards. But im slowly getting rid of that luckily (can bench painfree atm). But im still far from beeing happy about my body (apart from beeing skinny fat lol) My shoulder has been “sticking out” for years. The front part is “boney” / hard (lack of anterior deltoid muscle?) I included a picture where i simply flex the rear delt so you can maybe see what i mean. Everybody told me to work on my back but i feel like it has been pointless. I could talk about this forever but before i write a book here: do you guys think i have actual severe postural problems? Or is it just a lack of muscle around the shoulder joint?


Could be worse but not optimal

Go see an osteopath