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Is My Physique Decent for About 3 Months of Serious Working Out?

I’m 15 years old 150 lbs and have been working out seriously for around 3 months.

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Dude I love the enthusiasm. I honestly do. But you look like a 150lb teenage lad that’s worked out for a few months.

I’m not being dismissive to be an ass. But 3 months is nothing. The amount of growth you could have achieved is minimal.

Get bigger and stronger. Pick a (simple) programme from this site and eat at least 1 1/2 lb of meat a day for a year.

Fyi everything looks fine. As I say teenage boy with a few months sounds about right. But keep going.

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Yep looks fine.

x2 everything above -keep going

You appear to have decent genetics and a good starting point. Like others said… 3 months is a drop of water in a bucket but a good start. You’re lean and have some muscle definition far above where I was at that age. Keep on plugging. Take measurements and change your routine every couple months. Focus on getting stronger with the big 3 and eat like crazy. You’ll only have this metabolism for a short period of your life so take advantage!

You look good man! You’re barely at the beginning, but you have a solid foundation, you’re starting early, and you ended up here which means you’re putting thoughts in your training. Educate yourself, get your diet and training right, don’t take steroids for the first 10 years if ever, enjoy the grind, and you’ll succeed.


You have a decent start. Keep up the good pace and don’t do any dreamer bulks – and you’ll look amazing by the time you hit 18.:slightly_smiling_face: