Is My PCT Overkill?

My next cycle is:

Sust - 250mg EOD (750mg wk) wks 1-8
Tren Ace - 100mg ED wks 1-8
Anadrol - 100mg #D wks 1-4

Arimidex - .5mg ED wk 1-8
Letro - 2.5mg E3D wk 1-8
Nolvadex - 40mg ED wks 8-10

Since I was a kid I have had issues with gyno, even before I did any AAS. I have done 2 cycles before this and did not notice to much gyno sides but I was running low dosages of test on both of them.

I am not sure if running arimidex and letro is a good idea at the same time. Also should I take more time off before I run the Nolvadex, start week 10 instead?

Should I look into getting Proviron or HCG for my PCT with the Nolva?

So far I have the Arimidex, Letro and Nolvadex on hand. I want to get the AI and PCT done first before I get the gear so I do this cycle right.

250 mg EOD actually works out to 875 mg/week.

with 100 mg tren and 100 mg drol ED you will be running 2275 mg of gear/week for the first 4 weeks. what is your cycle experience and stats??..cause thats kinda hefty.

running a-dex is sufficient, and 0.5 mg ED should keep E in check…monitor how the dose is working, and adjust if necessary. since you know that you have pre-existing gyno issues, i would be inclined to bump it to 1 mg ED. keep the letro on hand as the anti gyno weapon of choice if you ever develop symptoms. hold on to the nolva for PCT.

your PCT is shit i must say. your exogenous test levels will still be pretty freaking high just when you are finishing (week 10). with sustanon, you may need to wait 3-4 weeks before starting your PCT. 40 mg Nolva ED is fine to use.

one suggestion i think you should consider…why not just run test prop with the tren??? you are pinning everyday anyways…so it makes more sense. you can finish up both at week 8, and hit PCT immediately. that would be a much better option IMO.

weeks 1-4: 100 mg Drol ED
weeks 1-8: 100mg Prop, 50-75 mg tren ED

I was planning on running the drol 50mg ED and if my stomach can handle it bump it up to 100mg.

i did 2 cycles before this. sust/deca for a bulker a few years back and than a prop/tren/masteron/anavar cycle this year as a cutter. i got good results with each one i choose.

since i got good results with the sust as a bulker i rather “stick to what works” FOR MY BODY (i know others use prop and others for bulkers, not knocking them down at all) i guess you can say.

if i use the adex ED how would i know i should use letro? and if i do need letro for some reason, do i stop the adex and only use letro or use both?

if i wait 3 weeks after last shot of sust and run the nolva at 40 mg ED will that be good enough for my PCT or should i add something to that?