Is My Muscle Imbalance Noticeable?

i was wondering if my muscle imbalance was noticeable, and if my physique looks okay so far. im 170lbs @ 5’7 and ive been inconsistently training calisthenics for about a year, and ive been wanting to do a cut but i keep finding areas of my physique that i want to work on first.

is it better to keep bulking until im satisfied? or should i cut to avoit gaining too much fat?

You do not have enough muscle for imbalances. What are you going to cut? You are small.

Keeping training and eating in a surplus to support your training and recovery.

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Whatever you muscle imbalance is, I can’t tell from the photo, so it can’t be that noticeable.

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i thought i was pretty heavy for my weight, guess not. what do you think i should aim for before cutting?

During all this calisthenics have you lifted any weights?
How old are you?
How many pull-ups can you do?

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Definitely not noticeable.

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i started lifting around a month ago, but i never really did weight lifting before now. im 17 and i could do 7 pullups at a time last time i checked, not much i know but its progress

I don’t share some of the comments above that you don’t have muscles. In my opinion, for such a short time in which you have trained in the described way, you have a pretty good vision. In my personal opinion, you also have a genetic predisposition to build a nice body and muscles. I don’t see any imbalances, but I agree with some of the discussion participants that your goal should be to get even more muscle and leave the fat loss for later.

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Nah man you’re good. Just do heavy compounds, spam pull-ups in between sets, and don’t be afraid to eat more for recovery purposes. You’re off to an awesome start

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At 17 years old, you would do well to determine a long-term goal for yourself, to avoid unnecessary/counterproductive bulking and cutting phases. Do you have as much muscle as you want to have for the rest of your life? Maybe you do. If that’s the case, cut now and maintain for the next few decades. If you don’t, then you’ll be better off working on adding the muscle now, while age/hormones/etc are favorable for building muscle, and then cut off any excess fat once you’ve achieved your ideal musculature. Preferably, you will do this without adding a ton of fat in the process (‘dirty’ bulking is never necessary). You could very easily maintain your current bodyfat level and add a LOT of muscle. You’d really never have to get any ‘fatter’ than you are now.