Is My LH and FSH Low?

Quite some time have passed since last cycle (2 years) , and although I got my second child inside these couple of years had a bloodwork done to see where am I now.(thinking to start a new cycle, more therapeutic instead of a mass builder)
All this time was feeling muscle recovery was slower than it used to be especially on legs.
and I knew something wasn’t right!
here are the results:
totalT: 4,68ng/ml
shbg:64,2 nmol/L
prolactin: 9,2mg/ml

my stats:
5,7 ft
11% bf
very active

Yes, both FSH and LH normal low range… yes, low.

Your SHBG is high. This will decrease your free test, and thats what matter when we talk about anabolic effect, recover, etc… You should take care of your SHBG if starting a cycle.

Incorrect. I read an article here from Bill Roberts about the roles of SHBG and its uses. Driving down SHBG to very low levels is counter productive as it acts a transport molecule for testosterone. Maybe try looking for his post and see what you think.


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I have hypothyroidism and using t4. this somehow interfere with gnrh. is there something I can do? maybe try a hcg clomid/nolva restart for 2 weeks to try raise lh?

“Very low” is one thing, I didn’t say that… his SHBG is high above the range. Look = shbg:64,2 nmol/L… this is HIGH SHGB LEVEL, not good.

You may try it, but studies has shown that you’ll get them (gonadotrophin release) inhibited by T3 and T4. They made it with rat pituitary cell cultures!
Maybe adjusting the dose of T4, to normal release levels (to function like a normal human being), I think (I’m not a doc), I just think, by the logic, it will not interfere… just because you are imitating your natural release. I don’t know for sure because the study didn’t show doses…