Is My Hypertrophy Routine Ok?


what do you think about this program. im about 6’5 and 210-220. been lifting for almost a year. dont really care about strength just want to make hypertrophy gains. its a 4 day split. this routine was meant to be made by arnies trainer. is it good or can i make improvements somehow? thanks in advance

Yeah its Vince Gironda’s routine. Its fine for like a 4- 6 week blast but def not a long term approach and never really recommended for beginners.

Could give it a quick try but after that either of these would be preferable…

Thread hijack - after I’ve cut some weight I was going to go back on a 5/3/1 work out (on 500-750 deficit so I’ve adjusted my training).

Hardgainers looks evil. And because I’m stoopid I want to try.
There’s no reason I shouldn’t is there?

I ran bbb which was okay. But the last set on each exercise makes me excited. 20rep squat after 5+ pr. 10x5 reps after a 5+pr.

I was made for that!

It’s not good. The whole point of 8x8 training is to use very short rest between sets, so using supersets defeats the purpose. Also, it’s better suited as a fat loss workout rather than a strict muscle-building plan. So, don’t do that. Go with either routine Badger posted, or any other well-designed program like this one.

Combined with the right eating plan, like this basic approach, will get you back on track.

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Sure, give it a whirl, has some of the best feedback of any of his recent templates.
Be aware due to the very high volume after a few weeks you will prob have to up your calories further/maintenance level will go up

Yeah that’s why I’m waiting till I’m at weight so I can just load up on good again.

Thanks @RampantBadger