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Is My HCG Bunk?


So I have been on Test E for about 7 weeks and just added in NPP to finish out my cycle.

I didn't have any hCG when I started and thought I was unable to source any. Well I found a source and I now have 10,000iu total.

I noticed testicular atrophy from about 4 or 5 weeks on. So, I mixed some up and figured I would shoot 1000iu to get me started and then do a more typical dose ~100-125iu daily until the end of my cycle. I shot the first 1000iu IM. No improvement in size thus far. Waited one day. Shot another 1000iu. Now I am waiting for some effect or improvement in size.

I have no experience in using hCG in this manner. I have used it from the get go to maintain size and done short oral cycles in the past, so this is new to me. Should I notice any improvement yet? Or is my hCG bunk?

I upped my arimidex dose when I shot the first 1000iu.


You are not going to see an overnight result. Or two-day result, etc. The testes do not regrow THAT fast.


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Consider yourself further inhibited.


Yes I did all 1000iu in one shot. Well actually I was a bit messy backloading my slin pin so it was more like 750 but I intended on 1000iu. I had read somewhere that I should use a dose that high when starting from around 40 days in.

So thus far I have about 1750iu hCG total injected.

What would have been the proper thing to do starting hCG this late in the cycle?

I may test it home pregnancy style if I still don't see any improvement.


That is good to know.

I should have posted here rather than reading poor information on other boards... oh well.

I read something about a guideline of about 50iu for every day I have been on. So I figured I needed to inject around 2000iu within a couple days.


Yeah I sure jumped the gun on this one. How bad did I mess this up brook?


You may not live till the end of the week. I am sorry, i really am.

If you do survive though, no significant damage will be done, you just will take longer to recover (you ARE in PCT aren't you?).
HCG will increase Test which from any source is going to affect the negative feedback loop.. If you inject 250iu HCG enough Test is released to give the Testes 'something to do'..
If you inject 1000iu then you release enough test to suppress the HPTA further and aromatise to a large degree..

If you have some of your cycle to play out, no biggie. I am just surprised you decided to do this much after being on this site AT ALL.




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I don't think you need to worry too much about your 1000iu injections. While i agree a lower dose is adequate, its not like you are going to take a 1000iu shot and suddenly destroy your endocrine system.

The only truly medically documented recovery plan from chronic steroid abuse (as in long term many years oops shouldn't have done that type abuse) revolves around 1000iu shot daily for 15 days combined with clomid and nolvadex for 30 days and 45 days respectively. Definetely overkill for your situation but the point is a 1000iu shot or two isn't screwing anything up.


Agreed morepain, i did reply - it will prolly show up after i post this!

It isn't necessary, and is suppressive.. at that dose - but not the end of the world.

250iu is shown to be enough to stimulate enough secretion from the testes without being suppressive (ie. not secrete THAT much) whilst helping the testes regain their former 'glory'.
1000iu+ will do the same, but will release enough test to further inhibit the HPTA. If you are in PCT - you would do well to continue recovering an extra week or two. If you are still in a cycle, its no biggie.. just continue as planned, making sure PCT doesn't begin within the week.

As BBB (i think) suggested, just 2-3 shots of 250iu a week will bring you upto par.. and as with atrophy of the testes, recovery of size will also be slow. Nothing in this game is immediate :wink:


OK, I thought that smaller amount 250iu eod was only good if you started right away in the cycle.

I still have roughly six weeks of my cycle left so it shouldn't be an issue. I will wait a week and then continue the lower dose.


Yes it is screwy logic and just a rough guideline. I was reading about different ways to run hCG but admittedly I didn't put the time in to research like I usually do since I have been very busy (no excuse).

Thanks for the help guys.


That is good to know, thank you.