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Is My Hair Too Long?


Is it too long in the back? I like the rest but the back looks kind of like a mullet to me.

What would you guys think of this? Cut off at the red line or leave it how it is? Or is the red line just too little/much to cut?


Dude, if you do cut it, get a mullet...that would be pretty fly for a white guy.


Shave your head or I'll petition to have you banned from this site.


Personally, and I say personally, I think you look like an 17 yr old punk kid with hair like that. Look like a man and get a short cut. If you have to blow dry or style your hair, its too much.

It would be hard for me to take anyone too seriously with a look like that. That's me though


My hair's about the same length - perhaps an inch or so longer.

I'm growing mine out, so I'm keeping it long, I'd say if your goal is the same, then dont' cut it. You ARE a 17 yr old punk kid, right? Fuck, enjoy it while it lasts.

I'm 25, and thankfully, I'm in a profession where people judge me by what I produce and not what I look like. (I also have tattoos on my forearm, and usually wear t-shirts to work - gotta love the TV/Film industry). Being a man is a matter of what you DO and DONT do, not a matter of appearances, so wear your hair however you want, and don't take no shit from anyone telling you it's too long - it's not too long until YOU think it's too long.



Who made up these rules? How about do whatever you feel like or what looks good.


Who cares about that damn mullet you think you're growing. How can you drive with that hair in your eyes.

That hair needs a friend called scissors.


are they holding tryouts for "that 70's show"?


From the other side of the hair divide:

I would suggest either growing it out so that you actually have long hair or getting it trimmed.

Daven, the guy with hair below his waist


At 17 you should base your decision on what the chicks at your high school like. That's how I made my hair style choices at 17.


Wow. Is this T-Nation or Queer eye for the Straight guy. Sorry no hair and nail tips here.


Dude, cut that shit, seriously. And cut it short too.


You look like Pig Pen.


I'm sporting an afro. I'm loving it!


Just workout, your shoulders are narrower than my wrists.


There is a good rule of thumb: If you have a good face keep your hair short. Thus more of your face will be prominent. If you have an ugly mug keep your hair long. Then less of your face and more of hair will be prominent.

I have no idea on which side of the equation you fall. However, you now understand the basics of long vs short hair.

No charge.




In fact you should base your entire life around what the chicks at your high school like.


Agreed. That's how real men like Al Bundy do it.


It's fine, just make sure your get it layered every now & then. MAYBE 1 inch off the back to match it better with the rest. And keep it clean!