Is My Girlfriend Telling the Truth or Just Manipulating Me?

Is this really a case for deleting this person from your life and declaring to never broach that subject again or perhaps this is a chance for personal growth?

Because this WILL come up again (as an issue) in future relationships (even if you don’t bring it up) so I’d suggest you learn to deal with said problem now so that in the future if something similar comes up you won’t freak out again.

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Wonderfully said . That’s what I was thinking. By going through this I can become a better and a more mature sensible person. I will try to digest this fact and try not to think about it. I am not breaking up straight away. I am gonna give it time , a few months . Probably i’ll get over it. If not then breaking up is the only option.

If this is considered a major issue in your life then you need to go dig ditches in North Korea.

Knowing someone’s past and being okay with it is pretty vital.

I understand we live in an age where to frown on someone’s sexual history is a moral crime but let’s say she slept with her best friend’s boy friend?

There’s no forgiving that sort of betrayal IMO.

how old are you and her and where are you from?

we both are 23 years old and from India

Both and neither. She is almost certainly trying to influence you, which is not really distinct from manipulate. What she is saying is probably mostly true, but you only have her side of the story and there is certainly something she is leaving out.

Don’t neccesaraly agree: why punish someone for the rest of her life for a mistake she made when young?
I sure as hell won’t be happy with it. But if she tells me and is sorry for what she did, I find it certainly something that can be dealt with. If you didn’t make your fair share of mistakes throughout the years, you are dead or a lurking psycho.