Is My Gear Crashed?

When I hold under light I see white particles(very hard to see but looks normal otherwise)
Also painless

Recipe 70,5 gso
Bb 20 ml
Ba 2ml
10 grams

Made a few batches and keep seeing these white particles used a hot plate and stirred it till it was perfect

Don’t remember my last batches having particles but don’t think I checked


You literally just posted this

Crashed gear crystallizes into much larger and easier to see sizes. This looks like a containment.


Ok so just need a filter? Or new glass wear because I’m reading hard water(my tap is contaminated) can damage beakers etc!

It leaves hard water stains on my glass so maybe the minerals and calcium are getting in there!

And thank you very much! For fast reply!

^^^^ up

TBH, I am having a hard time understanding this. You are making something you inject. You are knowingly using glassware that has build up on it. You are aware of filtering, but don’t do it. At least your using BA and BB, but I think you are skimping on safety here.


Because I never used filters and wasn’t sure if the hard water stains could leave particles?

Or did I mess up my ratio of solvents why I came to ask!

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Sorry if I came off to strongly there. I just am of the opinion that with this type of thing it is important to be meticulous.

I would try to make sure you don’t get build up and your glassware is for sure sterile. You could buy distilled water to clean with. Or use alcohol to clean and sterilize.

The filtering is a good idea, because you raws might have contaminants in it as well. Or contaminants could be introduced in the brewing process.

I have a buddy that got an injection infection. He was fine, but he still had to go to the doctor for them to drain it. Just try to be as clean and professional as possible, since you are making something that you are going to put in your body.


Unfiltered gear would worry my far more than crashed gear. Filter it and reinspect, like @blshaw stated, crashed gear crystallizes, it’ll be VERY obvious when it begins to crash

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OP posted a few years back panicking about Ashwagandha thinking he’d been poisoned… but has no problem mixing his own basement test with poorly washed glassware and no filter.

Color me confused.


@naturallyhard not trying to give you shit, just confused about your risk aversion and also lack thereof.


You don’t take steroids correct … yet you’re on a steroid forum constantly posting.

Color me confused …

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The important part here is that he seems open to suggestion, and hasn’t done harm yet.

I get it, filtering is a PITA. Sterilizing everything meticulously is also. But, if you want to save the money here, then do it right IMO. I’ll just stick to buying “professionally” brewed vials.


To ease confusion, I do this because one day I intend to be and I’d rather be extremely well educated about doing so before I do. Posting allows for dialogue and educational purposes for ME and is more educational than simply reading along. I hope it helps others this way too.


That’s why I came on the forum to check what the problem is!
Didn’t wanna go through whole filtering process if it was simply my solvents were off

I see two different recipes for prop one with 18 bb and 2 bb

And one with 20 bb and 2bb

Thank you

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I did the same here. If you look through my extensive post history, I have posts in pharma some even giving theory advice (some is cringe haha).

@150mgaweek it shouldn’t matter who makes the argument or who is interested in discussion. The merit of the argument or discussion is what matters.


I agree with this for sure, but on some things (not this particular example) I feel like advice/comments is kinda silly if you haven’t partaken.


@150mgaweek come over to the tool thread and hit me with your numbers. Protocol, dosage and trough. I got the guidelines over there. We will get you on the board.

The rest of you guys too. For science!


The 18/2 vs 20/2 recipes are personal preference, and I think some of it has to dear with quality of ingredients used. I’ve gotten raws from different suppliers and some of them seemed easier to brew than others (less crashy, easier to filter).

If you used 18/2 and your gear hasn’t crashed, then run with it. Ratio of solvents will not create particulate in your gear. What is it that you brewed anyways? Looks tren-ish

Test prop! The powder is a couple years old also

I also heated at 220 degrees for a few minutes after it dissolved did it loose potency from to much heat?