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Is My FT Too Low?

Hi guys, I have a quick question for you, if you may help me.

My TT came back as 350 ng/dl and my FT as 15 pg/ml (or 1.5 ng/dl). My endo said that both of them are fine. I understand TT is within the “normal” range they have, but isn’t my FT a bit too low?

I see a lot of guys posting their blood results here, and the ranges for FT that their labs have, always start from at least 40-50 pg/ml, so that would be the minimum… I’m at 15 pg/ml, yet my doc says it’s ok. I don’t really know what to believe.

Note: I’m a 21yo male.

What do you think? Thanks a lot!

The endocrinologist is correct, in the insurance world. You are within the range (presumably) given by the lab, therefore you do not have hypogonadism (by medical definition) and the doctor cannot treat you. If he submits that dx to your insurance carrier it is fraud.

However, you are not “fine”. Those levels are terrible, especially for a 21y/o guy. The simple fact that testosterone is being tested at your age points to a problem.

You are going to have to find a specialty practice that does just hormones, doesn’t have to be men only, but it can be. It will be a cash practice, so you can be properly treated without insurance company interference.

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