Is My Free Testosterone Normal?

I have made a blood test and i just wanna know if my Free T is normal for a 19 year old male

Free Testosterone - 13.0 pg/ML

What is the lab range? And do you have other labs ? Like total testosterone

And what is your height and weight

And medications?

Puberty was ok? Testicular injury? Head injury?

How do you feel?


We need more details as charlie pointed out, weight, height, skinny/muscular etc.

If you go by averages, then yes that’s a low Free T levels for a 19 year old. As we men age SHBG will increase and Free T decrease as a result, you’re likely going to run out of Free T earlier if not already.

I’m on TRT and have had my Free T at 15 pg/mL and felt terrible! Total T is pretty much useless to the body as it’s bound to SHBG along with estrogen, I suspect excess SHBG could be your problem.

SHBG increases, Free T decreases.

More importantly, do you have any symptoms? If no TRT will do nothing for you as shutting down
a young man’s HPTA when no symptoms are present is the bad idea.