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Is My First Test Cycle on Track?

I’m 53yo male, 190lbs, 5’10"
In starting my 5th week on 200mg test e and pinning 1.5cc twice per week.
My adex arrived a little late and I started taking 1mg eod a week and a half ago.
I’m a little concerned I started ai a little late as I have yet to feel a boost in the sex drive. I think my estrogen is high due to this and wondering if I should take adex every day for a week or two then go back to eod. I haven’t had labs done yet during cycle. Pre cycle total test was little over 200 and free test was around 4%.
Am I going in right direction and how do I go about dealing with the estrogen?
I also would like to do labs asap and would need a recommendation for online lab. Thank you in advance.

I don’t think you should be using any arimidex on that dose of test - let alone every day! That’s a monster dose of a very powerful anti e man. Do you have any other symptoms of high e? You are always better off with e a little high than a little low


I just went through some really difficult high e symptoms. Bloat, no sex drive, poor appetite, less than perfect erections and a really moody day to day life. From what I understand, high e2 and low e2 share some common symptoms, but from what I understand you may have sore joints with low e2. Like the above poster said, better a tad high than too low.

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Yes I have really odd pain in shoulder and elbow. Like in the bone dull aching pain

Sounds like you went too low with your estrogen bro

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I did crash my e. I stopped ai for few weeks and just had another labs done and my e is climbing high, so I took half a capsule of arimidex 1mg. I plan on taking half every 3 or 4th day.
My test is through the roof though. Over 1500. Should I stop pining for a week and see if it comes down to a more reasonable number? I was thinking of not pinning for 2 weeks and running labs again or should I just pin a vey low dose.

I think you are over analyzing everything a little…it’s easy when it’s your first cycle. You have decent answers from the commenters here.
Keep pinning normally and stop taking arimadex at random.
This dose of Test you probably don’t need it at all but if anything 0.5mg every third day.
Honestly let your body adjust - the key for any cycle is consistent and gradual change. You shouldn’t add or remove things at random or stop pinning suddenly etc. You need to allow gradual change to let your body try and attain homeostasis.
Do blood tests again in a few weeks - stop arimadex for now and then only if your estrogen is out of range, start it at my suggested dose above. Then increase ONLY if it’s not improving 10 days after that.
More than all of that - you are doing a very very mild cycle - don’t worry so much and let your body adjust to the test. Chill out.
Next cycle - pop in and ask me what to do first and we will make sure you’re on track from day 1.

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