Is my e2 + dht being supressed?

Hello again,

I feel like it was best to create a new thread. Anyways after 3 years of suffering low t symptoms (0 libido, no morning+spontaneous erections, low semen volume and force, dry tired eyes, muscles feel flat, and genital numbness, absent sweating from armpits and groin) and various doctors visits, claiming my problems are psychological. I almost gave up searching when my testosterone came back normal.

However thanks to many on this forum, I have been informed that these symptoms can be caused due to other things, and in my case most likely Low DHT 176 (350-850) and Low E2. 12 (11-35) Now when I search on forums I can see my symptoms people blaming it on low e2 and overusing AIs. Problem in my case unlike many is that I am not on “Artificial” Testosterone so I was wondering what would cause a 21 year old male to just one day wake up feeling like crap and completely get all these symptoms? Especially with normal testosterone levels?

My next course of action is to order butea superba off ebay and see if it raises the DHT. Creatine did not raise DHT for me, and Soy milk did not raise E2 for me. Is it possible that I have some kind of metal poisoning (I was working on a construction site as a laborer/garbage man when these sypmptoms began)

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