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Is My Dosage (160mg/Wk) Too High?

I have been on 160mg a week with a frequency of 3.5 days for 10 weeks now. I have been having a few issues with fatigue, memory is absolutely crap, depression, not alot of concertration/attention to detail.
I was previously on 125mg a week and felt much better and noticed improvements at week 6 ( on 100mg for 3 months with no improvements)

Has anyone else had a really bad time when upping their dose? I do realise it was a massive jump from 125 to 160, I honestly thought that getting free t around 30 would be better.

I just got bloods but doc is away til next week to get them.

That’s not a massive jump, for most anyway.

I don’t know, maybe it’s too much. Maybe not. A lot going on now with COVID-19. Many report feeling tired, depressed, the quarantine fifteen, etc. They are out of their routines, not eating normally, sleep is off, gyms are closed, work has changed, etc.

Could be a lot of reasons, but it’s easy enough to drop back and see how it goes.

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So why did you increase again?

Maybe around 130 is your magic number.

It is pretty crazy times right now but my life hasn’t change all that much, still work, still eat the same .

I might run this dose for another couple of weeks to get to the three month mark just in case.

If I was to lower it, could you lower it by say 5mg a week until I hit 140mg, can this be done to stop the complete restart of balancing hormones, so potentially get dialled in quicker?

I increased it as everyone seemed to do really well at higher doses, I was hoping I would get that little bit more benifits from the higher dose

What else are you taking? Is TrT it? No AI’s? Anything else? Working out? Why did you increase it if you didnt need it?

Are you using 200mg/mL? If so, 0.1mL is 20mg. Impossible to be that precise if you are using a 3cc syringe. If trying to go with 5mg increments, you’ll need a 1cc syringe.

You could, but I don’t think that would be necessary.

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Chuck in cialis every now and again and a few vitamins. Have not been able to go to gym, been trying to do push ups, pulls ups and run 2 miles 2 times a week.
I increased doseagr to see if I could get a little more out of it. I was feeling good for 5 days a week as opposed to 1-2 days a week prior to 125mg

I got 1cc syringe so it would be possible

I’ve been struggling with depression myself… I’m on 125mg / week. Do you have any history of mental disorders? Any depression pre TRT?

Yes, my family unfortunately suffers from alot of mental issues. For me depression comes and goes. For me I feel that fatigue is the culprit of my depression , when I have energy and no brain fog I feel like I’m in control of most things.

I understand, same with me. Struggled with clinical major depression since… Probably 12 or 13yo…

I’ve read some studies that shows while a lack of testosterone may indeed be correlated with a higher risk of depressive symptoms, restoring the testosterone balance later on might not be sufficient to alleviate or get rid of the symptoms.

Im not saying that to sound grim or anything. Like you, I really want to get dialed in, and recover my love for life and energy. But it might not be enough, you and I might need to take additional measures to combat depression.

Regardless, I wish for the both of us to get dialed in quickly and get the benefits from trt. Keep trying until you get the dosage right, and don’t change protocol too quickly. Please update this post if you find a protocol that is adapted for you, it would really help me. I’ll do the same.

I don’t think I am clinical but who is to say. I felt the light at the end of the tunnel on 125mg I don’t think I’m to far off which keeps me going.

People like us wish the world could be perfect for everyone after hitting the lows that we can, nobody should feel like it for extended periods of time.

I’m going to run this for a couple more weeks then change to 140mg if I do not fint the balance.

How long have you been on hrt? Is 125mg your first dosage amount?

Hasn’t been long, less than 2 months. I’m in Europe, doctors here are way less knowledgeable when it comes to trt… The protocol here is 250mg every 3 weeks. Regardless of your levels, your age, you gender or anything, 250mg every 3 weeks, that’s it. It’s absolutely retarded. So I did one shot like this, cried non stop for 5 days, and said fuck it and switched to 125mg / week with an injection every 3.5 days. I’ve been doing this for 4-6 weeks.

So I guess it’s still very new for me and body need to adapt, and I also need to find the correct protocol. I’m having labs next week but I’m 95% sure my dosage is way too low. I have 0 libido, little energy, mood swings, depression is creeping back in, etc etc. Depending on the labs I think I’ll increase each injection from 62.5mg to 80mg E3.5d, that’s 160mg per week, and see what happens.

Yes, good point, may indeed be correlated, and may be the cause, at least indirectly.

Take a 44y/o guy, getting fat, tired all the time, decreased libido, wife of 18 years wants to know what’s going on (“You don’t find me attractive anymore, really? I’ve gained 5 pounds since our wedding, you’ve gained 30, are you having an affair?”) and she’s pissed so home life sucks, kids are teenagers with attitudes, work sucks as your level of fatigue and performance is apparent to co-workers. If you were a decent athlete, you’re dealing with decreasing physical capabilities and trying to come to terms with it. You’re depressed. Who wouldn’t be?

If your testosterone is low and if lucky you’re enough to find TRT, metabolism changes, fat loss, energy increased, libido increases, relationships improve, entire outlook on life changes and…you’re no longer depressed.

That’s not low testosterone. It’s possible to have more than one thing wrong, unfortunately.

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This Is how I feel now, but also went through this same stuff from week 3 to 5 on 125mg and all of the sudden felt the change, I regret going up now. If I were you I would be waiting around 10 to 12 weeks to see how it goes. You don’t want to jump up dose to quickly as you could of been one day away from seeing some improvements.

Just to touch on the topic of depression stated above…

I had depression, fatigue, and a very low sense of well being for a few years. Worked sucked and life sucked…but I knew it was all in my head. Even though I knew it wasn’t real, I couldn’t shake the feeling and the lack of enjoyment in every day life. It was like I’d wake up in this cloud of funk. So I Had my testosterone levels checked and my total T was 450. That was in the morning first thing…so it only got worse from there. I went to a doc local to me and got testosterone pellets.

He inserted 12 pellets in my butt cheek and It literally changed my life. Two weeks later the depression literally disappeared. 6 weeks later I felt like I was on top of the world. The sense of well being came back and I’d never felt better. I literally felt like I was high in a sense.

Fast forward…the pellets would occassionally fall out on future visits and I didn’t like losing the pellets I’d paid for so I switched to injections. I will say, injections are so much more complicated. The pellets gave me a slow drip of T all day every day and injections are different for sure. The estrogen thing is hard to control on injections. I’ve switched to daily injections 3 months ago and things are good. I can’t complain. After 2 years of injections I’m still trying to figure it out. I think I’m closer to getting to that ideal state but there’s always room for improvement. The one thing i will say is that the depression is long gone. Testosterone seems to be a great anti depressant.

I think more people should skip the Anti depressant meds and take T to overcome their depressive state of mind. The day to day stress seems to deplete testosterone levels and a lot of guys are struggling mentally and physically. Testosterone is a great NATURAL fix versus taking the anti depressant meds.
…just my opinion


Anti depressants made me a zombie just like ADD meds. It’s crazy that these things are questionnaire diagnoses. This is why I am comfortable with trt.
I think my depression stems mainly from fatigue which goes on to brain fog and aches and pains. I had some clarity at 125mg and went and dosed up on hcg for a week as my balls were aching but it threw me out really quick. Gave it another 2 weeks and upped the dose to see if I could squeeze a little more out of it

Got my test results back at 8 weeks of 160mg twice a week. !


I’m at top of the range for total t and I think from calculations free t is at the top to. I have been feeling a little better but not dialled in. I noticed my shbg has dropped from 28 to 19 since last test. Does shgb lower with higher dosage?
I think I am sensitive to higher dose at injection and thinking of lowering it in a couple of weeks to 140 eod and see how that turns out.