Is My Doctor Crazy?

22 years old, 21 at time of varicoceletomy
pre surgery testosterone in the 300’s post surgery high of 468

On March 2nd 2010 I had a varicoceletomy on my left testicle with a grade three varicocele. On all my pre-surgery LH tests, my LH levels cosnistently came back around 2 in a 2 to 9 reference range. In early May approximately 2 months after my surgery, one day my right testicle started hurting and grew puffy over time. It ached almost exactly like my varicocele did. I have gone back to my doctor several times since the ache and puffyness of my right testicle started. He is a urologist who specialize in sexual disfunction, and he claims that the puffyness is from my testicle being irrirated. After the varicoceletomy my LH levels have come back consistently higher than they were pre-surgery (as well as testosterone levels). He believes the puffy testicle is from the following reasoning:

  1. Before the surgery the blood circulation to my testicles was so poor that my pituitary gland gave up on producing Lutenizing hormone becasue my testicles did not respond to it.

  2. Now that the circulation to my testicles has been improved, my pituitary gland is waking up, becasue LH is effective again. Therefore my LH levels are increasing.

  3. Because of the increasing LH level, my testicles are having to work harder than they have had to in a long time. My testicles are “irriated” from having to work so much harder, so they are getting puffy with “irritation”

Its now mid october and my right testicle is still puffy. I even have gone to another urologist to get it checked on, and this urologist thought there could of been an infection, i took the anti-biotics and nothing changed.

Could my surgeon be correct, that my testicle is puffy because of rising LH? He still claims that my testosterone levels could continue to improve up to two years after the surgery…maybe since I am young?

I have looked all over the internet for any evidence to support this theory. I have not been able to find anything at all. Does anyone have any comments on this?

What do you mean by puffy? lol

well…like somewhat swollen near the top where it connects to your body…my doctors says thats where the LH receptors are…

i have no idea what to think

sorry not sure how to help. maybe ask for a second opinion if possible?

bump for hopefully ksman and hardasnails

Is circulation still a problem?

Why did you have the surgery? Did you have any pain? You are completely wrong on your first statement, the body compensates to produce higher LH if your nuts are not responding, not less, that wouldnt make any sense.
At your age a LH level of 2 coulnt be better, the reason it increased is because your nuts now are malfunctioning probably from the varicocelectomy.

I cant find it anywhere in your post about pre surgery pain och heavy nuts feeling < two indications that there is a circulation problem.
Eventually your nuts will recover and your LH levels will drop back to normal again. Also statistics show that 10-15% of varicoceles come back after surgery. Sorry bro but you jumped to conclusions, unless you had unbearable pain

Nidhogg did you read the post? I had surgery because of low testosterone, pain, and obvious atrophy. After surgery I don’t think my testicles have been functioning worse…that doesn’t make sense at all when both my free and total test. have nearly doubled since the surgery. So i don’t think overall circulation is worse.

But as far as my swelling and possible new right varicocele is concerned. I went to the doctor today, and now finally a new right varicocele is seen as a possibility or…an infection. I have an mri scheduled for 3:30 so I am going back for that and I should get the results immediately afterwards…and if i need surgery it will be booked for next week.

Sorry to hear about your relapse bro. Yes i have read your post quite clearly but you seem hell bent over that your low testo is from varicocele. Left testicle is supposed to be smaller than the right, if it really is atrophy though then its most likely the sperm producing cells that have reduced. Do you have infertility problems? Ive seen a study on radiation treatment cancer patients, they developed testicular atrophy on both sides but they hade fine hormonal levels. I think the conclusion above was based on that study in fact.

I myself have a varicocele grade 2 on my left testicle, first test i did resulted 300 testo, 2.6lh, 0.9fsh. Three months later i did it again and it came back 530 testo, 2.4lh, <1 fsh. I havent done shit during this time but laying around, i even quit working out and my diet consisted of pure crap. Both my test were done at 9am in the morning.

Just saying, you shouldnt rely on a single blood test and more importantly surgery should be the last thing to consider, mostly because doctors dont know about the cause or mechanism behind varicocele

Just an update…

Had the ultrasound screwed…my left varicocele is coming back so I am getting surgery again asap. I hope its not as bad this time around…also the reason my right testicle was puffy and hurt…it turns out I have prostatis and a huge infection in my epididitims etc.

Would you all go for the second surgery? I want to do it.

Would prostatis cause ed?

man, that just sucks, and doesn’t sound like a good day at all.

I have no knowledge about surgical options/needs or prostatis. sorry.

hope everything goes smoothly.