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Is My Diet as Dialed In As I Think It Is?

Current stats: 6’1, 178-182 lbs, high teens bf% (guessing).
Goals are to lower my bf% while maintaining strength and improving efficiency in the bigger movements.

Training: Strength training M, W, Saturday. 10 minutes cardio after training. 15 minutes cardio on Tuesday/Thursday (sometimes intervals, sometimes steady state). Just added in light circuit-style workout on Fridays when I have time.

Supplements: Grow! Whey with glutamine/glycine/creatine/BCAA PWO (Surge when I get the damn bf down), Flameout (megadosing to 30g), HOT-ROX in the morning and 1 before afternoon workouts, Zinc in the AM, Magnesium in the PM.

Water/green tea like crazy. All meat is grilled or pan-cooked in coconut oil.

  1. breakfast-one scoop Grow! Whey, fish oil, 3 omega eggs scrambled
  2. morning snack-one scoop Metabolic Drive, 12 almonds, fish oil
  3. lunch-8 oz meat, veggies, olive oil/vinegar dressing, fish oil
  4. afternoon snack-similar to lunch, switch up veggies and meat
  5. dinner-meat, veggies, fish oil for non-training days, PWO shake on training days.
  6. evening snack-2 scoops Metabolic Drive, flax seed, macadamia oil, Superfood.

Concerns: Too much protein powder? Also on training days I actually take in fewer cals because the PWO shake has less than a dinner on a non-training day. I’ve heard flax isnt the best for men, so I may cut that out as well as change up when I take Superfood (think I should be taking it before bed?) I stole the majority of this plan from Berardi/CT/Cressey’s new book, but I am open to tweaks. Thanks

Forgot to add…i have 2 tablespoons of peanut butter pretty much every day, usually before I train.

That looks picture-perfect to me. I don’t know how many calories that is, but it looks like it’s probably good enough for you. Try it for a couple of weeks and see how you do from there.

On the whole, it looks like a good plan if you can stick to it, and you should see results.

  1. You’re eating frequently
  2. You have a high protein content
  3. You have almost no carbs and high fat content
  4. You’re getting tons of fish oil
  5. Your diet is great AND THEN you’ve added HOT-ROX.

You’ve got the basics down, and well done for it.


That’s a lot of Flameout. I imagine it can get really expensive after some time.

It honestly doesn’t look like a lot of food. Which is to be expected while cutting, but it seems taken to the extreme here. My guess would be around 2000kcal with half of that coming from protein (which are both good things to have). What do you plan to do when you stop progressing?