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Is My Delt Infected?

Injected my delt with a 5/8" 2ml of test-e, hurt immediately with a weird numb sensation, next day hurt a lot, third day i noticed redness and slight swelling as well as heat but the pain has subsided significantly, today its slightly less red but seems to be a bit more swollen.

The swelling and redness is however nowhere near the injection sight and is more towards upper bicep, there’s nothing at the injection sight aside from the typical post injection bruising. The whole upper arm region seems to be hot. Please advise me on my course of action, I am not really in much pain it feels like someone punched me, i’m just worried because of the slight swelling, heat and redness.

Your help is greatly appreciated thanks!

virgin muscle syndrome mate. First time I pinned my quads I was walking funny for a week. Felt like someone’d hit me with a plank of wood

It gets better. Try pinning your glutes, they’re not usually as bad

Also try injecting Only 1ml into delts not 2ml

2cc seems like a lot for delts? But yeah, virgin muscle + ugl gear is usually a recipe for a painful knot. You probably aren’t infected.

As a paramedic we are taught to never inject more than 1cc to the delt and no more than 5cc to the glut so def change locations or do 1cc to each BUT you will get better absorption with a larger muscle like the glut. You should really be using a 1 1/2" needle for the glut but def no shorter than a 1". As far as the swelling, redness and heat, just watch it and if the swelling continues to grow then you need to get checked out for possible cellulitis. Good luck!!