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Is My Cycle Missing Anything?


HI everyone, i'm willing to start a cycle and i wich u guys can give me some extras advices if i'm wrong or maybe missing something; SO :
Height 5'9
age 21
weight 145
body fat 12% (not sure)
cycle :
Week 1-4 : 500mg susta + 300mg deca + proviron + C vitamin + rocmaline
since i running a short cycle i decide to not take clomid and HCG (as PCT) and take instead tribulus and Zinc.
Opinion please be generous with your knowledge


jesus christ


you can't run a short cycle with deca and sustanon.

come up with a different plan, or find some different gear...


I don't have words.......


Yeah. Pretty much any and every thing you could honestly fuck up you fucked up. Your diet is shit, your training sucks, your cycle sucks and you pretty much all around suck.




Tribulus and zinc =/= pct

Long ester =/= short cycle

145 lbs =/= steroids


145 5'9 21yrs old

All I had to read to know what replies would be lol.