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Is my bulking ok?

I started september 10th at 162 lbs, 5’11, 9.8 bf.
My daily averages have been 128g fat 30g, saturated fat 400g carbs, 266g pro, 3815 calories. I now weight 175lbs. Can’t see abs anymore and face is a little round but thats expected right?? I have been stronger in every workout since i started (ex. dumbell flat bench increase of 33%) I plan to bulk intill febuary. Anyone want to suggest anything that may help?? My goal is the cover model body after i cut. Thanks

  • 13 lbs. in 3 months, strength going up consistently – I’d say you’re doing a great job! Keep it up!

Sounds pretty good at first look. You definitely ought to measure BF% again, though, to see exactly how much of the gain was FM vs. FFM.