Is My Bulking Diet Good? Adding Cardio?

Age: 19
Height: 6’3
Starting weight: 200, Currently:215 – trying to hit 230
Cardio: None atm
Weightlifting: 1 yr total (only been doing Max-OT for 2 months)
How many days: 5 days a week, mon-frday with sat/sun off days
Any more info let me know

Well I’ve been bulking for the past few months – and my diet consisted of whats below. Also, I never do cardio and my workout plan consists of MAX-OT generally 3x4-6 heavy weight. I was just wondering is the plan which is below, good for bulking? and if it is isn’t, what should I add into the diet? Another question is: should I add cardio also into my schedule? and if cardio is to be added should it be on my offdays or during the days I workout?

Breakfast: Bowl of oatmeal with skim milk, 5 egg whites, fish oil cap, glass of orange juice

3 Hours later: 2 whole wheat breads with a salmon burger patty (21g protein) + plate of organic salad

2 Hours later: 500mL Mlik with 1 scoop of EAS whey protein

—Work Out Period (1hr-1hr15min)

After workout: 500mL water with 1 scoop of EAS WHey Protein + hand full of oats.

1 Hour after workout: 1 chicken breast (21g protiein) + 1 potato + Twenty Grain Bread w/ tbsp almond butter (I’m allergic to peanut butter), glass of skim milk, cup of mixed veggetables

Dinner: Varies, but generally plate of brown rice with chicken and a glass of skim milk

3 Hours after: Final shake – Half cup of 1% cottage cheese, 500mL skim milk, 1 scoop of whey protein + 1 tbsp of almond butter <— this is all blended up into one shake.

–After the shake I go to sleep for 10 hours and basically begin it all over again ----

The the above is basically what I eat during my work out days – on my off days ill normally remove the pre and post shake and replace them with a whole meal of some sort (chicken breast, fish etc…)

Thanks alot!! also if theres anything needed to know, let me know – ill gladly give the info. Thanks again.

id throw in an extra meal in there. cheat meal preferably. i dont advise against cardio, but for your goals as of now, stick to high incline walks. speed 3.0 - 3.5 on treadmill.

Clean diet, good for you!

Your eating around your work outs doesn’t seem to be bulk-ish. I would like to see more high GI carbs before, during and after. While not the best source, dextrose is a low cost option that has been shown to spike the insulin post workout. I would suggest replacing the handful of oats with 50-90 grams of dextrose post workout. Eat the oats with the milk and EAS whey protein 30 minutes before you start working out.

Thanks for the info 905patrick and ZeusNathan

One question I had was, how many times a week should I add the cardio for? and should I make it after workout or before?

Concerning cardio - if you’re sole purpose is to build muscle don’t bother with it. The diet you outline is very clean and if you are working out intensely 5 times a week I think it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll be adding much fat. IF you begin to gain fat add a couple of HIIT sessions a week to keep it in check. But in all honesty, if you’re able to hold true to eating what you outline I don’t see fat gain being too much of an issue. After reading everything again, I’m not sure you’re eating enough to grow as quickly as you could. Do you have any idea the number of calories you are eating per day on average? I know guys who are shorter, lighter and older than you who only grow with 3000-4000 per day. I think ZN is right to suggest another meal to boost the calorie intake and drive some more protein into the body.

Regardless, there are health benefits to doing cardio but if your breathing rate is up during your workouts you’re likely going to achieve them already.