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Is My Body Fat Percentage Healthy?!


Hey, im turning 19 yrs old in Aug, weigh 184 and have a body fat percentage of 7.2% just configed today ligitly. Is that healthy? should i put on more weight or what?! please help thank you.


Damn, I need to config my bf% ligitly too

Btw, I just accidentally a whoooooole Coca Cola bottle. Is this bad?


What do you mean by "ligitly"? To my knowledge the only accurate test is weighing yourself in water. If that's the case, then I see no reason why 7% would be unhealthy. Its well below average, but shouldn't cause any problems. Most people would love to have 7% bf! Don't worry; be happy.


No, you are too low

How are you living? you are a medical wonder

seriously, check with your GP


no, 7.2% is way too low, you'll likely snap a ligament or tendon doing the abz work. how tall are you? If you're below 5'7" at that height and % likely look fairly solid.


And here I was expecting 2009.


if it was a true 7.2 then um.....of course. How did you get it checked? BF measurements can be highly inaccurate, especially if you were using one of those bioimpedence things (i think that's what they are called) where you hold the handles after entering in your sex, height and weight.


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Sidebar, guys i'm like 1.2-2% BF do you guys recommend steady state cardio or HIT type methods for shedding the BF? Getting that pesky fat from between my large and small intestine is challenging. I eat mostly peanuts is that ok?


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To the OP, looking at your profile it is obvious that you need to get the basics of diet sorted out. You are on a bodybuilding site not a how-scrawny-can-I-get site. Look around...all the answers are here.


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