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Is My Bloodwork Normal?

Here is my bloodwork i’am Male 28 years old semi active. Low libido is there a reason why, is bloodwork showing anything?

Height: 5’7’’
Current: 188 lbs
Workouting for many years with pauses. i was at 155 lbs too … libido was still shit.

TT looks on the low side. Don’t see e2 measured?

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Estradiol is e2

The testosterone for men under 30 should be near the high end, not closer to the bottom. Hematocrit is at the bottom of the ranges, something l would expect to see with low-T. DHT is also at he bottom of the ranges, not surprising considering DHT is converted from testotserone.

Yes estradiol is E2.

Are you and any medications?

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Yep dii is didnt see that side pic

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Noon, natural all the way… 3-4 coffes per day … non smoker, no alcohol.

The E2 is on the low side as well, a few points lower is osteoporosis territory. So its seems you’re low across the board on the important hormones. DHT is more a driver of libido than testosterone or estrogen.

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We talking mugs or Dixie cups? How is your sleep? Sometimes you may feel like you’re sleeping well, but caffeine will really mess up your deep sleep cycle. Lack of quality sleep will kill testosterone and libido.

Your blood work looks decent otherwise. Not really any red flags as to why your libido would be low.

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Do you have a reference for this? Specifically, at what E2 level is the risk for osteoporosis increased and by how much?

His E2 was 19 and you stated a few points lower is osteoporosis territory. What does that mean, 15? 12? 17?

In many studies, low testosterone is considered a risk factor and it is recommended that it be checked, but checking estradiol levels are not mentioned. It seems to be assumed that if testosterone is low, E2 is as well.

Even when low testosterone is recognized, the recommendations are often for “direct” treatment with bisphosphonates or other hormones rather than TRT.

I’ve been looking for studies that look directly at E2 levels and osteoporosis in men. I think it would be difficult as there are so many confounders, smoking, corticosteroid use, vitD, parathyroid disease, sedentary lifestyle, etc. I’d love to see a particular study with levels if you have one. This applies to my “body builders” (they don’t compete) that are obsessed with being “shredded” and insist on an AI. It’s difficult to move them off that fear of E2.

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I have seen a couple of members right here on this form with E2 in the mid teens and an osteoporosis diagnosis.

I have never seen an osteoporosis diagnosis with low T with estrogen levels above 20. You could take this one example, a guy on a steroid cycle and on 1mg of AI three times a week and an osteoporosis diagnosis is not too far off.

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I had 0 coffe for some time like 5 months no changes only abit better sleep… i am in process to quit it again. Its medium dosage to high … i know its wrong but i dont do anything else as bad habbit (smoking…)

Guys thanks for commenting it means alot to mee.

Do you recall details? Age, length of time on TRT and an AI, as well as a T-score? This takes a while to develop, even menopausal women do not develop osteoporosis overnight.