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Is My Back Rounding Bad on DL? (Vid)


hey bros first of all i wanna say 5/3/1 is the freaking ****!!!!!! really great program. just never seem to run out of steam cycle to cycle, its that deload wek!

now my problem is i TRY to keep my butt down and back straight on deadlift always. lately those have been my 2 primary cues: butt down, back straight! but i STILL seem to not be doing this and i want to know if my form is okay, here is a video. it FEELS like i'm doing fine but i watch it and i'm rounding a bit and pulling too much at least it looks like it.

anyway this is baby weight and i'm weak as hell which is why it's not a big deal right now but when i get 405+ i wana make sure i don't hurt myself or anything so thanks for any criticism (constructive criticism lol) and i'm all ears heres the vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfoingJiSEk

i know its bad lighting sorry, there is another deadlift vid of 335 in my vids too basically the same thing happens, hips and butt gradually rise up :frowning:


I don't think it's rounding anymore than it is from the start. Work on your hamstring flexibility a little more so you can get into a better position at the start. As far as "feeling" it round, I don't think it matters as long as there is no visible round, which I can't see.

Do you feel it every rep or just the last few?


Your back is fine, you need to get that ass down. I would try a different set up.


yes the fact that i keep the spine in a STATIC position is good i'm pretty sure. but yeah its the set up/starting position i guess. next time i'm gonna practice the setup in front of the mirrors or something. its weird cause it feels like my butt was down. the flexibility could be the problem, my mobility is pretty pathetic right now i've gained size but stopped stretching, so that could be it.


and chaz yeah its mainly the last coupole i feel the slight rounding in my back but now i realized on those reps my back is rounded from the start! freakin weird. i must fix this problem. thanks for the replies


No problem man. Just stretch the shit outa you hams and it'll get better. Same thing happened to me.


Your back looks almost perfect, just a little rounding, but just the slightest amount, not enough to worry about. As far as your butt, get that shit down! Like the others said, work on some hamstring flexibility. I would throw in some RDL's for some assistnace work too. It won't make you go any lower directly, but it will help improve your fleixibility, which, in turn will help you get your ass down. Hope this helps.



Your back is fine.

Everything looks good from my perspective. if you back isn't rounding and if it feels good keep it up. I'm not one to get too technical on on deadlifts... Especialy standard deadlifts. The sumo guys tend to get a little more technical.

I say keep it up and don't over think it.


IMHO stop doing high rep deads! Your form is interesting but it looks very solid to me and i'm sure you know its working.

One thing i think everyone can be dogmatic about is using high rep deads for STRENGTH WORK. Conditioning, grip work etc sure.. But there's many ways to do that.


High rep deads are extremely "fun," and very rewarding. What's the problem?


On your decent it looks like you are breaking at the knees a bit too early. It's as if the bar hits your lower thighs before it passes your knees. To fix this I would push my butt back, as if trying to touch a wall, until the bar is at knee level. Then you can break at the knees.

I hope this makes some sense. For a better explanation I'd check out this article by Eric Cressey: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/mastering_the_deadlift_part_ii

Look at steps 6 and 7. I've found this series of articles helpful for my deadlift.

Happy deadlifting!


Hey guys, I think I improved it but this time I really need your opinion. Does my form look better on the 275 warmup, where I get my ass really low, or the following sets? Also it scraped the hell off my shins the first way, had to stuff some folder paper towels in my sock. The thing looks like a used tampon now.

As for the high rep deadlifts, no way I can stop those right now man, lol! I swear BBB deads and BBB squats are whats gotten me all my size. And the milk lol. Its a great assistance routine, but I do understand what you mean about DL being a low rep movement naturally. However I currently will take advantage of the fact that I can get away with this fairly high volume since the weights are still light.

also does that last rep actually count since it was like over 30 seconds between? hahahah whatever


oh and yeah my descent i have never paid much attention too, i will read the Cressey article! Thanks