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Is My Ab Workout Any Good?


Hey guys so i want to know if my ab workout is ok or if i can extend it even more ?


Hanging knee raises: 10-8x3
Heavy cable crunshes: 12-10x3


Declein weighted crunshes: 12-10x3
Hanging knee raises: 10-8x3

does this sound solid? or can i add another exercise maybe ?

i want to make it as optimal as possible since i feel my abs lacks some mass


Looks fine.



Great article. Gives a simple, effective breakdown of core training.


Check out CT's spill from 4/09/11 , it talks about how to actually put your ab routine to use


Sounds good. I think it makes sense to keep your ab routine at two exercises or less per workout. You might also want to try planks/ side planks, decline situps with or without weight, and dumbbell side bends.