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Is My 5/3/1 Template OK?


Hi, I made some changes in triumvirate template, are they okay? Or should I just follow the original triumvirate template?

Hanging leg raise

chin ups

Leg press
Leg curl

Bench Press
Dumbbel row
Lateral side raise


Not sure what the huge changes were apart from minor assistance swaps… Give it a try and see what happens.


I like seeing people add in shrugs. I feel like they are underrated and you can build a lot of back strength when you up the weight. The main thing you should be looking for when you come up with assistance in triumvirate are exercises that are going to help build the main lift. You only have two exercises to do so, so you have to make them count. I would swap out the leg curl for a RDL or a SLDL. I like leg presses, but I know a lot of people do not, so I would leave that up to you. Also, find a better movement than lateral raises. No need in doing those in this template because they do not do a lot for the bench or overhead press. If you wish to do them, do them, but I wouldn’t program them as a main triumvirate assistance. Same with the hanging leg raise. If you squat and dead heavy and overhead press heavy, you really don’t need direct ab work. Again, if you want to do them, do them, but I wouldn’t program it. Switch it out for a quad, hamstring or glute exercise. These are just my opinion though. What are you current strength levels and how old are you, how much do you weigh, etc?


BW: 80kg, 18 years old

Bench: 1x 80 kg
Squat: 1x 95 kg
DL: 1x 120kg
OHP: 1x 50 kg

Yes, I like shrugs too as they helped me build up my traps, ohp made disproportion in traps, traps made disproportion in chest, so one pec was bigger and shrugs fixed that, that’s how I see it xD

I like leg presses too

Seems like I need some ab work, my squat/dl is weak (i don’t use any belt/straps)


Honestly, at your strength level, just follow the beginner 531 on this site and eat your face off. You just need time on your side and mass. If I could go back I would do that. I wasted a lot of time on shit that helped none.


okay, thanks for help
I’ll give it a try