Is Mucuna Pruriens Safe Long-Term?

I have been taking a preworkout consistently for the past year or so. Wasn’t aware of the effects of one of the ingredients: Mucuna pruriens (Ldopa 98%) 250 mg.

Im a little concerned about the longterm effects of this. I have been taking weekends off but now I feel like dumping it all together. I dont have any side effects currently and have taken time off of it 9a month or so) and felt no withdrawals. however I do have a but of twitching in my finger and chronic tinnitus idk if this is related or if its just something im noticing now due to paranoia.

I remember taking this for about a week. Maybe about 2yrs ago. Not sure of the exact dose…what I remember is increased focus, more energy and by the end of that week I felt somewhat paranoid and noticed some anxiety. Decided to stop it.

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