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Is MMA the 'Crossfit' of Fight Sports?


As the title suggests, Discuss guys and girls.

My view (although will be somewhat limited because 1) I have olny really ever done MMA and 2) I am not very good (newbie) OR experiencd in the sport) -

I think MMA IS the crossfit of fight sports in that it gets the same love/hate response, the same shitty arguements about who did what, when, where, how and if they pissed gold afterwards and that those who do MMA (much like crossfit) just get 'good' at MMA but not great at anything.

What do you think?


Is apple the new banana of orange?




Apple Mac?


Is fruit salad the crossfit of the fruit world.


Is a tomato a vegetable or fruit??


Jah, it is!


C'mon son
Can't you wven be more creative with making shit threads


thats a bit harsh man



Lol? This was a discussion I was having with a friend the other day and I thought I would bring it to the masses on this forum but I didn't expect the Broz to get on their high horse over it...


You are the bro, bro.


Yea I was gonna say I think your problem is that there arn't any "bros" here.


This is weird.


How is it weird?

Your post was strong with the bro-force
You get called on it and are surprised

We have little tolerance for busllshit threads here yet they seem never endless


troll factor is increasing


No guys I'm not trolling lol, It was just a harmless question, I am not trying to start a cult or fuck anyones day up. Who is 'WE'? I didn't know that a thread had to conform to specific regulations.

I doubt it would be the same shit if someone with a higher post count put up a light hearted thread like this..?


we would be the three people that seem to think they are the only ones who have relevant opinions on combat sports. Only problem is the only opinions I have ever really seen from "them" is why everbody else is a "bro" or a moron.


You're not fucking anyone's day up. My day's going fine. It's just a stupid subject for a thread and it really doesn't make any sense. I would tell anyone this, regardless of post count.


You asked a dumb question, so you got dumb responses.